NES 20th Anniversary

1UP has put up a very nice “mini site” dedicated to the [tag]NES[/tag] 20th Anniversary. The article features lots of info on the NES and [tag]Nintendo[/tag] History. A good reading if you’re an old school gamer or a Nintendo Fanboy (wich are both my cases – I just don’t like the [tag]Nintendo DS[/tag]… and yes, I still keep my old Club Nintendo member card 😛 ).

Spam Again

Since the begining of the week that I’m getting [tag]spam[/tag] in my blog. Today I had enough of it and installed [tag]Spam Karma 2[/tag]. I also came across [tag]Akismet[/tag] but to use it you need to have a [tag][/tag] account to use an API key. Call me lazy, but I don’t want to fill forms and create an account just to use a plugin.

Anyway, Spam Karma 2 seems to work very well. It offers spam protection effortlessly, while remaining as unobtrusive as possible to regular commenters. I’m waiting for the next “wave” of spam to see it working at full throttle 😛 I’ll still have to deal with false-positives if it happens…

Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance by Jonathan S. Harbour

This [tag]book[/tag] was not released in book stores due to legal problems with [tag]Nintendo[/tag].
As a result, the “[tag]e-book[/tag]” edition is available for free as a downloadable PDF.

[tag]Programming[/tag] The Nintendo [tag]Game Boy Advance[/tag] by [tag]Jonathan S. Harbour[/tag]

Google Base Rumors

[tag]Google[/tag]’s answer to all the [tag]Google Base[/tag] [tag]rumors[/tag].

WebORB Message Server Chat (with Google Maps)

[tag]WebORB[/tag] Message Server Chat (with [tag]Google Maps[/tag])

Kojima in English

[tag]Hideo Kojima[/tag] is a name well known for gamers all around the world and one of my favorite [tag]game designers[/tag]. His blog is now being translated to english, though it hasn’t got much of info on games, maybe because is still in a “pre-open” stage. 🙁


I just checked my mail and had 35 comments to moderate in my [tag]blog[/tag]… All [tag]spam[/tag]. My blog just had it’s first encounter with a spammer. The source IPs are all different, not a single one is repeated. This makes me think about how many [tag]BotNet[/tag] PCs are being used for this kind of crap… [tag]Computers[/tag] are no longer just working tools or entertainment machines, they are weapons capable of making great damage. Unfortunately, everyone can have access to one, no matter if he/she has knowledge to protect it from harm and from damaging others.

Gaming News

PSP Giga Pak

[tag]Sony[/tag] announced a new [tag]PSP Giga Pack[/tag] for the pre-Xmas season. Starting November, with a price tag of $299, you can buy the new Giga Pack that includes a 1GB MSDP, a USB Cable and a stand (wich was not included in the Value Pak), except for the hand strap that Sony plans to sell as a new extra (4 models are planed as well as neck straps) everything else from the Value Pack is included.

Sony is already selling in Europe official Sony memory sticks and USB cable packs sold as official [tag]PSP[/tag] accessories (FNAC has this), but soon we’ll be seeing PSP branded memory sticks, ranging from 512MB to 2 or 4GB.

Lemmings PSP

Also for PSP, [tag]Team 17[/tag] is developing a [tag]Lemmings[/tag] game, one of my all time favorites. This is looking very good but there’s still no details relating the gameplay. I hope it includes support for the analogue stick, playing Lemmings without a mouse can be a real pain.

Another great game comming for the PSP is the [tag]Harvest Moon[/tag]: Innocent Life. The Harvest Moon game series have been great in Nintendo consoles, I really hope that the gameplay remains unchanged in the PSP version.

Not related to the PSP, but still in the videogame universe, you can see here the first [tag]Silent Hill[/tag] movie pictures. If the movie is half as intense and scary as the game series we’re in for a great movie!



Today I got an invite to download Flock 0.4.8.

First impressions:

It looks good. At first it looks like Firefox with a nifty skin, but then you start to discover the features that separates it from Firefox. I’m posting this from Flock’s bloging interface. It allows you to add your own blogs, auto-detects the your blog’s “engine” and asks for a login and password. After that all you need to do is post.

The Favorites Manager is very cool. The word here is Taxonomy! You can rate all your bookmarks and feeds, create collections and share them in

This is what it looks at a first glance… I’ll replace my Firefox and Opera browsing for some Flock, let’s see what this baby can do.

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Apple Aperture

After yesterdays rumors on the “iPhoto Pro”, here comes [tag]Apple Aperture[/tag], a new software for professional photographers.

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