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I’m testing K2 Beta One R125

Dear LazyNet…

I need an app to put all my mp3 in an RSS Feed and make them available on a webserver. Two or three clicks maximum 😛

This way I can stream all my mp3 to my PSP locally 😀

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PSP 2.60 Firmware

Sony still cares about us, [tag]PSP[/tag] owners.

The [tag]2.60 firmware[/tag] was released today, and has some new cool features:

  • [tag]WMA[/tag] Playback – Yes, you can now play WMA files in your PSP as long as you agree to an EULA. Go to the PSP Settings menu and choose WMA Playback to enable it. You have to be connected to the net for this.
  • [tag]RSS[/tag] Channels – This is awesome! You can now subscribe to podcasts directly from your PSP and stream the audio (as long as you are connected to the net). I still have to check if this feature is integrated with the Feeds from the [tag]Sony PSP Media Manager.[/tag]

Other minor updates are also included in this update. The browser seems faster than the previous one, and the LocationFree Player has some volume control changes (I can’t test this ’cause I don’t have a LFP).

[tag]Sony[/tag] is working hard to update the PSP features and I really admire that… too bad they don’t listen to other user sugestions that could make the PSP even better. I still hope that one day I can listen to mp3 and browse the net at the same time.

Firefox 1.5 FINAL!

Get it here!

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After reading this, I bet something awesome is comming

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Moleskine Charity Auction

[tag]INDE[/tag] is a Portuguese non profit organization whose objectives are to contribute so that the people, the communities, and the institutions and/or the associations that these people and communities constitute can strengthen the capacities to decide in its way of life, can guarantee material conditions of a life with dignity, that is guaranteed the basic rights to it to the democracy, the education, the culture, the influence in the social transformations, and to the participation in the different spheres of activity and the exercise of a citizenship asset.

INDE is having an [tag]Moleskine[/tag] [tag]auction[/tag]. This auction starts the 28th November and it’s composed by Moleskines of several portuguese celebrities. You can find Moleskines from Music bands, journalists, actors, writers. Names like Ruy de Carvalho, Xutos e Pontapés, Eunice Muñoz are some of the few artists that gave their Moleskines to this charity auction. You can find all the details and photos here and the auction is being held here. All the sites are in Portuguese but you can check them with Google’s translation tools.

The profits will be used to support the development and the fight against the poverty in developing countries as the Guiné-Bissau, East Timor and Cabo Verde.

Last Week Time Waster

1980 games – Old online video and arcade games for free

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Playstation 3

The CEO of [tag]Sony[/tag] , Sir Howard Stringer, has revealed the [tag]Playstation 3[/tag] price range. According to an article posted on CNN Money, the CEO claims Playstation 3 will be in the same price range as the Xbox360, $300-$400. The unit will also come with a bundle of games, movies, and TV shows, many of which are Sony made. Next generation gaming is going to be expensive people, start saving those pennies.

The big question is: Does it come with a root kit? 😉

The day that Ubuntu died

My [tag]Ubuntu[/tag] died yesterday. I updated the system through the Ubuntu Update Manager, everything went smoothly, no error messages whatsoever. After a reboot, I logged and BAM, no aplication worked in [tag]Gnome[/tag]. Not a single one. All the launchers were dead. After a few log views and reboots I came across… nothing. There was no aparent reason for that behaviour…

I wanted to install [tag]Solaris[/tag] 10 for some time and this was a good time like any other. I did the default install, but had no time to play with it. Meanwhile, I came across this distribution based on [tag]OpenSolaris[/tag] and [tag]Debian[/tag] named [tag]Nexenta OS[/tag]. It uses the OpenSolaris Kernel, and Debian as the “glue”. It contains Apache, MySQL, Perl/Python/PHP, Firefox, Evolution, software update manager, Synaptic package manager, Gaim Instant Messenger, Abiword, administration and development utilities, editors, graphics, GNOME, interpreters, libraries and many others, the usual you can find in a [tag]Linux[/tag] distribution.

I downloaded the install cd but it only suports IDE HDs… my test box has 2 SCSI drives so, no Nexenta OS for me (though I’m downloading the live cd as we speak 😛 ).

Sun Java Studio Creator

[tag]Sun[/tag] released a Flash demo of the new [tag]Java[/tag] Studio Creator [tag]IDE[/tag] which you can download for free.

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