Nintendo DS Opera Browser


The Nintendo DS Opera Browser Japanese website is up. There will be a version of the browser for the DS “phat” and another for the DS Lite, because of the memory expansion size that fits on the Gameboy port of the DSs is different.

The browser is based on Opera 8.5 and supports:

  • ECMAScript
  • CSS
  • SSL 2.0, 3.0, TLS 1.0
  • Flash and PDF

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Yes, I got a DS

Yup, you read it well, me, a PSP guy bought a DS Lite. Actually, now, I don’t consider myself a Sony guy or a Nintendo Fan Boy (which I was for some time 😉 ). I’m a gamer, and as a gamer I have to recon the pros and the cons of a gaming platform.

Why I bought a DS?

  • I love Nintendo, I hated the first DS because it was built in a low standard comparing to the consoles Nintendo has accustomed us. It was ugly, bulky, and the screens were awfully pale. And at the time, there was no game I wanted to play on DS.
  • My girlfriend loves dogs and wants pet, but she can’t have pets on her flat, on the other side I wanted her to taste a little of my “love” for games. She hates games, but Nintendogs won her heart right on the moment. We now have our little own Golden Retriever named Nina.
  • New Super Mario Bros. – The only game (so far) that brings back that old Nintendo feeling. I manage to buy a US copy in a little computer shop in Forum Montijo that sells imported games at a nice price. This one is already a classic, it manages to join in one game almost all the nice features from the old 2D Super Mario games and has lots of minigames.

As for the DS Lite, my 2 cents:

The console is heavier than I thought but it’s very well designed. The glossy look is very nice and mac like ( I bought the white one by the way ). As for the software I was expecting more. Unlike the PSP, when you change the console settings you have to restart it. The pictochat seems to be fun, but I haven’t “chated” to anyone yet, and I don’t seem to find the network settings, so I suppose that is configured when playing the game. Other thing that bugs me alot is the fact that the games are still not hotswapable, you have to turn on the console with the game inserted like in the Gameboy. The screens are very bright (as bright as the PSP screen) but small. It wouldn’t hurt Nintendo to build the unit with bigger screens, or with dual touchscreens. The sound is better than the PSP (PSP speakers suck!) and it manage a near surround like effect.

I like the console, and I’m waiting for some cool games to show up. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about getting Brain Age and Animal Crossing DS to check the DS networking features… Congrats Nintendo, this time you got it right.

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Nintendo DS Lite arrives to Portugal


Looks like FNAC has the new DS Lite in stock 🙂

What it seems is that this FNAC DS Lite is different from all the others 😉 Why? Check the text:

As configurações da nova versão: (New version configurations)

* Browser Opera, que entra em sites a partir da conexão Wi-Fi; (Opera Browser, that accesses sites through the Wi-Fi)
* Tem conexão com a televisão; (Has TV Connectivity)

So, should I remember that Opera for the DS is not included or even installed on the DS? And that you need a TV adapter to watch TV?

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BumpTop Prototype

This is so so cool! I’m still thinking on how it might behave with 1000 or more files, but it looks very promissing! Check it!

BumpTop Prototype –

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Firefox VoIP Extension

Working as a Firefox extension or as an autonomous app, the Abbeynet Firefox VoIP Extension is a fully fledged SIP user agent. It hasn’t been officially released, but you get more info and download it on Luca Filigheddu blog – Abbeynet’s CEO – ICT Operations.

Meanwhile, I’m downloading it 🙂

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Help, I Want a Wiki!

I need a wiki, the question is: which one?

I’ve googled it and there’s plenty of stuff out there, but I want something that runs on well on PHP/MySQL and fully customizable.

Wetpaint looks very good but I want to host the wiki on my server, so any advice is welcomed.


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More on Numbers Stations

The Shortwave And The Calling

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Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress Is Not Very Strong

Okay, I had to post this. I’m reading Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress (the portuguese edition), and I’m on a page where, under attack, the NSA computer security system is described having 5 levels of protection, and I quote:

“- We have five levels of protection – explained Jabba. – One primary Bastion Host*, two sets of FTPNT filters** and X-Eleven***, one blocking tunnel and, finnaly, a PEM**** authorization window copyed from Project Truffle.”

Now that you know that FTP and X11 and PEM are protection levels for the friggin NSA comes the best part! The Editor’s notes:

* In a system connected to the global network, it’s the only pc that it’s possible to connect from the exterior, being in charge of managing the accesses.

** – File Transfer Protocol (then translates to portuguese correctly)

*** – More correctly X11. It’s a Windows Operating System from Macintosh

**** – Privacy Enhanced Electronic Mail (then translates to portuguese correctly)

Now excuse me while I ROTFL…

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Best Firefox Extension EVER!

Once in a while you might come across a site full of files you need to download. It’s a piece of cake as long as the number of files to download it’s not more than, let’s say… 10. But if you have 20, 40 or more download links to click on a page it can get pretty lame. If you read on of my previous posts and checked the .mp3 files I mentioned, you might have noticed that there are 153 .mp3 files to download, so I needed a download manager to save some precious minutes.

Getright didn’t worked, it didn’t show the directory list so no downloads for me. The best solution I found was a Firefox extension named DownThemAll!.

It works like a charm, it’s fast, has lots of options and filters allowing you to download exactly what you want and integrates very well with Firefox. And the best of all? It’s free!

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