Logitech PlayGear Pocket for PSP

Yesterday I bought a Logitech PlayGear Pocket for my PSP. The PSP pouch that comes bundled with the console was getting dust dirty all the time and offered almost no protection whatsoever. The PlayGear Pocket is a slick and sexy polycarbonate shell with a nice design and a few simple features that allow you to enjoy and protect your PSP but the most interesting feature is that the case is “skinnable”. The rubber protections inside the case are detachable and allows you to insert a skin (home made or provided by Logitech) inbetween thus having a very cool looking PSP case. There are lots of sites where you can find skins for the PGP but for me the fun is in designing my own skins. I grabbed a template from one of these skin sites and designed 3 skins (so far), based on 2 PSP games.




So feel free to download and use them, I’ll post more skins in the next days.

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2 Replies to “Logitech PlayGear Pocket for PSP”

  1. Cool skins man,
    Please make some more,
    I haven’t had a new skin for abnout 12 months and yours are pretty darn high quality.

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