Counting Down…

2006 was indeed a great year for me. I bought a new house, got engaged and saw my hard work compensate (not in the way I expected but nevertheless the result was better). 2007 will be the fulfillment of many things started in 2006: I’m getting a new job (web related 😉 the prodigal son returns), I’m getting married and last but not least, I’ll finally have time to spend on personal projects and with my family.
As I said before, here, time is the keyword. I’ll face more challenges than ever, at personal and professional levels, but in the end it will pay off. 2007 will be great, I have no doubt about it 🙂

For you, my wishes of a 2007 with many interesting, exciting and rewarding adventures, with health, prosperity and happiness!

Happy 2007!

Me? Green Lantern?

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At least I don’t get to wear my underwear over my pants…

New Header

I got tired of my old rotating header photos and came up with this nifty 2.0 style logo 😉

Still, I think I can make it better…


I already began the countdown.

2006 was a very good year (so far, a lot can happen in 4 days, knock on wood) but I feel that 2007 is going to be even greater. I’m saying this because 2007 is “forcing” it’s way in with all the changes that happened lately in my life, as if in some odd way certain things must really happen. I’m anxious to hear the 12 strokes of midnight and feel that 2007 is “now” and feel that finally my life is changing on that precise moment. I know this seems to far fetched but I’ll say more in the future. The keyword here is “Time”…

The Usual Xmas Post

My wish list for this Xmas:

  • Peace

Have a splendid xmas!

Twitter feed in Jaiku

This is a great tip: you can use the RSS feed from your Twitter account on Jaiku.

The Twitter feed has the following structure: where xxxxx is your id number.

You can find this in the badges page.

After you get the correct id number just add it to your Jaiku webfeeds and that’s it, 2 in 1 😉

Now, if we could only find Jaiku’s RSS feed, right Ricardo?

Update: DONE! The Jaiku RSS Feed is in where xxxxxx is your screen name 🙂

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Jaiku logo

Jaiku is all about your web presence. Actually it does, more or less, the same thing Twitter does.

Jaiku looks more polished, the design is very much “Skype like” and it allows you to customize the entries on your “presence stream” with little icons on the side. It also allows comments on the entries (something that Twitter doesn’t do). The best part is that you can also import your blog feeds (or other rss feeds), photos from Flickr and bookmarks creating this way a unified personal information site or, in another words, all the noise you make concentrated in one spot.

Unfortunately it lacks on very important feature that Twitter has which is the integration with IM clients. Sending a quick message through your IM client to Twitter and being notified of changes is IMHO the something urgent to include on Jaiku.

Looks good so far but there’s still room for improvement. As for me I’m gonna start inviting people 😛

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Testing Twitter

I followed Andre’s take on Twitter and decided to create an account to take a “test drive”.

It looks fun so far, now let me test the WordPress plugin and dig a little deeper 🙂

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I’m getting a few hits from someone with this user agent: JACK-O`-LANTERN/1.1

I’ve googled it and came and found nothing… Does anyone know who’s using this?

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Why I’m not getting a Wii this Xmas Part II

Because of this.

Closing the Gamecube era with a golden key…

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