Only in Miami

If this starts to catch up in Europe it will be fun!


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Cavallino @ The Breakers Palm Beach

Enzo, originally uploaded by Ricardo_Saramago.

Man… What a RUSH!


Mac History

So, how often can you put your hands in History like this?

Me and Apple Mac

Inside Mac

Steve’s Signature

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Palm Beach Day 2

It’s raining… a guy comes to Palm Beach, it’s supposed to be the dry season and it’s all wet. Besides the current weather, this is very very nice, everything is so neat and clean, the houses are huge and beautiful, we are talking about millionaires and billionaires, for most of the people in this place, those are their 3rd houses. Anyway, Palm Beach is very small, West Palm Beach is the real deal, huge and the center of this place. The people are nice, respectful and polite, always willing to help you in any situation.

My jet lag is wearing off, today I slept the normal 8 hours, and got up at 8 AM local time. Now it’s time to do some work, the wonderful world of SEO is expecting me…

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Finally at home!

After almost 24 hours without sleeping, almost 12 hours of flying, I arrived at Palm Beach. It’s now almost 7 AM, I woke up at 6 which is 10 AM in Portugal. Lots of things to do, I’ll leave you with some photos… BYE!

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Next Stop: Palm Beach, Florida

Last Friday was my last day in my old job. I left with some sorrow, leaving behind a team of people that were part of my professional life for almost a year and a half… I won’t forget you guys (and gals).

Anyway, I’m leaving the country for the next 3 weeks, the company I’ll be working for is in Palm Beach, Florida. A new professional life, a new project, although I’m very excited about all this, the fear of the unknown is always present. I hope all goes well, specially with my flights since it’s the first time I’ll leave Portugal.

Speaking of the flights, I’m heading for New York and then taking a connect flight to Palm Beach International Airport, not bad for my flight baptism 😉

I’ll post some photos in the next days, hope the weather gets better, the forecast mentions an ugly storm for the 24th…

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The Feng-Gui ViewFinder Heatmap service simulates human visual attention and creates areas of attention heatmap on a photo or site. Find out how people view your website and which areas of the page are getting most of the attention. The concept is great, but I doubt the results are reliable because when I entered my blog’s URL the attention areas were only on the header and on the edges (because of the contrast in the design). Eye-tracking is still unbeatable for this kind of analysis.

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The Suits

Mark Cuban’s take on suits is the best post I’ve read in weeks.

Wearing a suit in Portugal is almost a religion, workers wear them every day, even if their jobs don’t imply contacting with clients in person. People believe that a suit really gives them status, make them look better and more confident, but really, where’s your confidence when you get home and sleep on the ground (like Mark did, and I bet lots of Portuguese workers do the same)?

A suit gives you confidence when you need it, makes you part of the “tribe” when you’re among peers, but in the end it it’s just a “mask”, a gimmick to be accepted. Suits should be used in celebrations, events, and not as working uniforms. Go casual, go real, break the distance between you and the others by letting the suit go.

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Microformat me

I changed it some days ago but forget to write about it: my about page has all my contact data in Microformats. Download Operator for Firefox and check it out!


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