I, Switcher

It’s been a few days since I last posted something here. These last weeks have been very fast and full of everything. I got back from the USA on the 14th with a bag full of projects to work on and a backpack with a MacBook Pro. The work and the tools, everything I need to have my days occupied for the next 100 years 😛

But, as the tradition demands, here’re my 2 Euro cents on my switching from Windows / Linux to Mac.

First, let me tell you I’ve been a Windows user since 3.1 and in the last years more inclined to Linux. Though I used more Linux at home as my main PC at my previous job I had to use Windows no matter what. Using a five year old platform like Windows XP really grown bad on me since I’m a geek that likes to test new platforms and craves for innovation.

My contact with Macs was very reduced, I used an iMac only a few days and enjoyed it, the system was different but pleasant to use, everything was located in the most logical places and was very easy to use. That iMac sparked my curiosity about Macs but the professional factors didn’t allow me to switch to Mac by then, Windows was something I really had to use and Linux become the escape from MS’s platform. It was different, more technical, it gave me the technological edge I was looking for besides being a very good platform to work on personal projects.

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The best journeys are the ones that take you home… Just in time for Valentines Day 🙂

There and Back Again

No, this is not related to hobbits 🙂

My trip to the USA is coming to an end. I didn’t have much time to write more than a few posts here but that will change when I get home. Between work, a trip to Disney World and a new Macbook Pro, the time I get to fiddle with my blog is very limited, but there’s lot’s of posts in the “drawer” to jump right into here. 2007 began very well, it’s time to make an effort to keep the momentum…

Tomorrow I’ll take a flight back to Portugal (actually 2 flights), I miss my “terrinha” lol, it’s very hard to be a far from the people you love, but hey, 3 weeks passed in a blink of an eye. It’s good to know how things are going on Portugal, the Internet brings down the distances very well. Although I couldn’t vote, I followed the Abortion Referendum close and I’m glad that finally the Portuguese (some of them) are using the tools democracy provides and getting results. Even the earthquake got on my radars faster than I could say “Richter” LOL 🙂 It’s good to be connected…

Now, off to enjoy my last day here… cya soon!

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Today’s word is:


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I Switched!

My MacBook Pro

Gone Mac, will return in a few days 🙂

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How to get your Twitter feed on your WordPress Blog (or any other RSS Feed)

Well, I wanted to have my Twitter feed on a page instead of showing up on my blog’s sidebar. You can use your Twitter feed or any other RSS feed with this method. Just get the BDP RSS from OZ Politics Blog and the Exec-PHP plugins. The first allows you to have any RSS feed displayed on your blog except you have to hardcode the PHP tags for it, that’s when the second plugin comes in handy because it allows you to execute the php in posts or pages. The BDP RSS plugin alows you to format the feed’s output and gives you lots of options like formating the font size and displaying images within the feed. You can check the work in progress here, I still have to tweak it some more…

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