Ubuntu Tribe

ubuntu_poster.jpg“Ubuntu Tribe the movie is inspired in the Basque free software developers community, which actually has a lot of handicaps adapting the language to the fast changes of the new technologies. But the effort of this community has made the Basque language not to be threw away, so far, from the information technologies train. In fact, the develop and use of all kind of applications is proportionally much bigger than the real Basque speaking population.

The story of the film Ubuntu Tribe happens between Redmond (USA) and the Basque Country. An high position member of a powerful computer science corporation, Billy, fixes its eyes on a young Basque hacker, Izaro, after she discovered diverse serious vulnerabilities of an operating system called Wista. Privative Software.

Captivated by the good doing of the virtuous developer, he will try to offer a contract at any price, moving to the old continent. Just arrived, he will begin prowling the young girl, who is totally reticent to enter the club of Redmond because of her convictions in favor of free software. The businessman will start bombing her with substantial economic supplies. Without trying it, he will begin to know the social environment where Izaro moves. A humble life, promoting free operating systems in schools and homes of pensioners.

The active and practically altruistic militancy of Izaro will captive Billy, who quickly falls in love with her and starts to know how the Basque speakers world of free software moves.

The stay of the person in charge of Wista is extended more of the awaited, and in the company of Redmond are worried.

Ubuntu Tribe is a semi documentary cyberomantic comedy, to the time that claiming film, rolled under some of the Dogme95 rules. The short movie, still developing, will be distributed on-line under Creative Commons license.

There will be an original version in euskara and two subtitled versions in English and Spanish.

Like we have previously said, the project is still in phase of development. And you can be active part of it. If you have an idea to offer your point of view (a short movie or other artistic disciplines) let us know at the page qualified for such effect or sending a message to info(at)ubuntutribe(dot)com. The ideal is that the works turn around the idea of the Ubuntu philosophy. The received works will be distributed under the Creative Commons license specified by the author.”

More info here.

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Take Off 2007 Review

I have to confess that yesterday’s event exceeded my expectations, not only by the organization that made a pretty good job inviting the right people (speakers and audience) but also by the quality and interest of most presentations. The afternoon was more exciting than the morning, not only because of my personal interest on the presented and discussed subjects but also because of Victor Santos presentation that almost went postal on the audience (and vice versa), when making some unhappy comments on Open Source and calling liars (in a very veiled manner) to some audience members that argued against his/Microsoft’s acts and stands on national software contests. Being a shy person and not liking to expose myself, I had to make an intervention and quote a regulation from the contest being discussed (after googling it) and proving that Fred Oliveira (one of the guys from WeBreakStuff) was actually right when he said that Microsoft forces the use of Microsoft technology in the contests they support. I just don’t like Microsoft veiled propaganda and arrogant attitudes from people who put themselves on a greater level than everyone else…

Besides this episode, Pedro’s presentation on Co-Criativity was excellent (great job Pedro) as well as Fred’s take on Starting up (very good and fun), unfortunately I couldn’t stay until the end but next year I’ll be there for the 2 days 😉

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Always the same

Microsoft still cloaks it’s propaganda sessions… I should have known better…

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@Coimbra for Take Off

We arrived at the beautiful city of Coimbra a few moments ago and we are staying for the Take Off tomorrow… too bad the weather is not the best. 🙁

Anyone staying at the Ibis???

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Google Web History

If you have a Google Account and the Google Toolbar installed on your browser with PageRank enabled, you’re one step away from using Google Web History, a new feature that allows Google to keep track of every page you visit. This can be handy if you want to keep a record of your web surfing but it’s a hell of a profiling tool for Google, actually this is the closer that they profile you without inserting a RFID tag on you. Google’s “do no evil” philosophy is beginning to show some cracks with projects like this. We can use our own browser history for tracking our visited sites, probably in a way not so functional as this new Google feature allows, but it’s a matter of Mozilla, Microsoft or Opera to improve the browsers history features. Giving your data to Google means they will use it some how… let’s hope it’s for the best.

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Mozilla Thunderbird 2

Well the 19th is becoming a really cool day! First Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, now Mozilla releases Thunderbird 2

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Lisbon OpenCoffee Club – The List

Lisbon OpenCoffee Club

The Lisbon OpenCoffee Club now has a mailing list (provided by Vitor Domingos, one of our members). If you want to join the club, please register on the group’s page on Upcoming and subscribe the mailing list. We’ll be using the group page to track members and events, the mailing list will be used for direct messaging between members.

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