Jaiku Geeky Channels

In case you haven’t noticed, the #StarWars and #Transformers channels were created on Jaiku.

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Getting ready for 5-7-2007

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime, originally uploaded by Ricardo Saramago.

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Best Mac App… Ever

The Star Wars TSG allows you generate an intro like in the Star Wars movies, the 20th Century Fox Logo, the LucasFilm logo and the yellow crawling text, everything with your own text. It generates the frames one by one so you can generate a movie in Quicktime or iMovie, it even allows several resolutions, even HD :D. You can get more details here.


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Star Wars Robot Chicken

Star Wars Robot Chicken

If you are a Star Wars fan or not, go to StarWars.com and check the special Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode. It’s hillarious!

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Star Wars Geekiness

As you know, Star Wars Celebration IV took place last month on LA, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. Being an assumed Star Wars fan, I followed the event though several websites, unfortunately LA is too expensive for me to go right now and Celebration Europe is schedule from July 13th to the 15th… a bad choice of dates for me because I have another BIG event on those days ๐Ÿ˜› But I digress. I noticed that on Celebration IV (an on most SW events) they released some figures based on Ralf McQuarrie’s concept artwork for Star Wars, specially on one of my favorite McQuarrie’s art pieces: The Droids – the concept of R2-D2 and C3PO.


So, I jumped the party wagon and got the figures from a seller on EBay, there’re still plenty of sellers for this figures. Being an exclusive it’s normal that people try to cash in the following days. Still this figures will be sold as an exclusive (again) on Celebration Europe, the main difference will be the celebration logo on the plastic blister. As for me, I’m delighted with the figures, not being perfect matches of the drawing, they capture the essence of what McQuarrie had in mind and they come with a commemorative coin/medallion. I don’t think I’m opening the box on this one…

Droids Figures

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I want one of these!!!

So so so so much!

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About Leopard and Safari

Leopard is looking good, they finally came out with the features I was expecting. This kicks Vista’s eye candy ass. Safari 3 Beta rules on Mac OS X, sucks on Windows, on my laptop it crashes big time. Now, can we return to our normal life?

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Fon Things

Fon Logo

Well, I finally managed to buy a Fontenna… at least I think I did because after making the payment through PayPal, the redirect to the FON Shop failed. The Fon Shop has been really unstable with all the commotion caused by the 2รขโ€šยฌ Fontenna promotion for Foneros.

What made me buy the Fontenna (besides the great price of course) was the change Fon did on the community rules. Before this change you could get paid for the use of your Fon Spot if you were a Bill but you had to pay as well if you wanted to use other Fon Spots, now you can get paid and connect for free on any Fon Spot. Fon will be launching WifiAds, these will allow anyone to use free wifi after viewing an ad and the Foneros will get 5 cents per ad shown. I think that Fon is now on the right track ๐Ÿ™‚

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La Fontenna

Fon released La Fontenna just a few hours ago and the Fon Shop is down ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ve been trying to buy one with the promo code they sent me but so far no cigar… ๐Ÿ™

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