Little Snitch 2.0 Beta 6

Little Snitch is a Mac OS X app that runs in the background and hooks with the kernel. As the name indicates, Little Snitch warns you when an application tries to make a network connection, asking you to decide if you allow, deny or add a permanent rule for that specific app in future connections.

A good amount of information on the connection being made is presented to the user, and on version 2 (still in beta), besides the improved network filtering, a visual Network Monitor has been implemented, allowing the user to have real time access to the connections as well as some some send / receive icons like Zone Labs’ Zone Alarm. The configuration interface has suffered some changes and it’s now more functional and user friendly than the previous version.

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Gmail Collaborative Movie

Like I mentioned here before, the guys at Gmail were asking for video submissions for their promotional video. The deadline ended and the result is a movie composed with the best clips submitted which turned out really cool.

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Learn how to Rave

I liked the “Tchernobil Child Playing Ping Pong”…

Here’s to the Crazy Ones…

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100 Amiga Games in 10 Minutes

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The History of the Amiga


I had a Commodore Amiga 500. If I compare all the computers I owned and rate them by fun, innovation and appeal, I would consider the Amiga 500 the best computer I every had. Only with my Mac I could again had similar experiences. The easy of use, the interface, the fun factor, the games, all of these things made the Amiga a great platform. It was very advanced for it’s time, I remember when I got it, my father asked me to decide between a i386 and the Amiga. The i386 had a 40mb hdd, EGA graphics and it costed the triple. It was no use, because the Amiga won my heart the first time I saw it. Silkworm was the first game I played on a Amiga, not mine, it was some kid’s who took it to school in order to demo something I can’t remember now.

After I got my Amiga, a new world was open. Games like RodLand, St Dragon, Sensible Soccer, James Pond, Shadow of the Beast, Last Samurai… I could be here all day. And the Demo Scene? Amiga owners will remember for sure SpaceBall’s 9 Fingers and the State of the Art demo, both of them fitted video and vector animation on a single floppy disk (not an HD one)…

The Amiga defined an era, not only for me as a teenager discovering technology at the time but also for an industry and for the men and women who dedicated a big part of their lifes for a dream.

But, besides nostalgia, the reason I’m writing this post is because Jeremy Reimer at Ars Technica has been posting a series of articles on the history of the Amiga. The articles are insightful and describe very well the timeline and history of one of the best technology platforms ever made. The fist three articles are part of an installment that covers the Amiga history from the beginning to the first prototype, the second installment will cover the Amiga’s official launch and it’s early years. Not to miss this one even if you didn’t had an Amiga.

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Now Reading…


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Ok, the title is stupid and so is this post, but I just pissed my pants, not with fear but with joy! If Alien vs Predator Requiem is as good as the trailer shows it will be a hell of a great movie… I just think they picked the wrong season for the premier, you see, AVP-R isn’t the traditional Xmas movie 🙂

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Microsoft’s new Linux Bashing Site

As if the famous “Get the Facts” website wasn’t completely stupid and biased, MS presents us with another Linux Hate website, this time called WindowsServer/Compare.

In this new site, MS mainly compares the Windows Server Platform to Linux, Unix and Mainframe environments as well as providing some case studies… it’s “Get the Facts” part 2, but this time they have use Novell (their partners) as a comparing term… the “middle guy”, the “not so bad Linux” because the main target is definitely Red Hat. A site to see and read, even that is just for the laughs.

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HP Blog Printing

I got a two side printing accessory for my HP C6180 to save some paper, and I needed to test it with some text what would take more than a page. I went to ARS Techica, picked an article and clicked the print button on the article. For my surprise, instead of the Firefox printing dialog box, an HP Blog Printing window popped up showing the latest articles on the site, giving me the option to select which ones I wanted to print. It’s a great idea, specially when you click print and it delivers a PDF file with all the articles you picked for you to print or read offline. The best part is that HP offers a WordPress plugin (which I then installed on my blog). Very handy 🙂

Now I have a “Print Posts” button on the sidebar and on each single post page. Give it a try!

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