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If you read the comments on my Iron Man review post, reading this will make you understand this post’s title 😀

Triplo Expresso


Em português (sim porque também faz falta), uma conversa amena e interessante entre amigos. Só faltou mesmo mesmo o expresso, mas já tinha bebido 😀


YAIMR (Yet Another Iron Man Review)


As a long time fan of super hero comics, Marvel and DC characters movies have always been on my movie watch list. In this movie genre, Marvel found the “right formula” before DC did, nevertheless DC seems to be catching up with the latest Batman movies, still, Marvel has literally setup a super hero movie making engine. This year we had Iron Man, we’ll have another Hulk (hopefully Norton will own Bana’s ass) and the Dark Knight returns for some Joker and Two Face, I mean Harvey Dent, ass kicking. As the interweb says, “It’s printing money”. But I digress…

Last night I went to see Iron Man, hoping for a good s.h. movie, some butt kicking comic style, “a la” Spiderman. How wrong I was… This movie is very very good. This movie proves that a good casting can change a super hero flick into a great movie. Iron Man doesn’t have the depth of Batman Begins but it glues you to the chair in a roller-coaster of adrenaline and intrigue. Some times you’ll laugh, other times you’ll grab the arm chair so hard you can tear it apart, but this movie will make you “fly” faster than Iron Man. This movie is two hours long and when it ends you’ll want more.

I can’t say that the star of the movie is the Iron Man armor (still, for me, the 3 of them are the most beautiful Iron Man armors ever designed), the details, effects and effort are very clear when you see the armor, but Robert Downey Jr. incarnates the Tony Stark character so well that you can’t split it from the rest. The Tony Stark / Iron Man combo is deadly in this movie, sometimes you can see some kind of Captain Jack Sparrow / Depp in there.

The backing actors really fill in the gaps and make RDJ shine. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the dedicated secretary part, in a very discrete way but with a very important role on the whole thing. It’s not a great acting but the part doesn’t demand more. Jeff Bridges plays a very important part on the movie as well, but I can’t go much deeper than this because it will spoil the movie for you.

Returning to Robert, his character’s personality transformation during the movie makes this story more convincing, still you can’t forget there are no laws of physics in super hero flicks, so when you see the Iron Man suite breaking all the laws of physics in 10 seconds don’t be surprised, actually, forget that, you’re there to see something fantastic and that’s what you’ll get even if you’re not a super hero movie buff.

As for the future of Iron Man in the movies, watch until the very end of the credits and you’ll get a glimpse of the things to come. This has become the way of Marvel giving us some tip.

The final word: approved!

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