Watching Watchmen…

Let me tell you before hand that this will be an extremely biased post. Watchmen is one of my favorite graphic novels. I bought the Brazilian edition when I was young (lost it for some years now) and it was THE comic that made me look to comic books from a different perspective. Watchmen is not the usual super hero saves the day kind of story. It’s not about super powers or super heroes as you might be used to. Watchmen is about many things but above all else, it’s about men, mankind, flawed and imperfect with all it’s damaged psychology.

I won’t be telling the story though, that would be sacrilege. Watchmen is one of those books you must read at least once in your life time, seeing the movie will give you but a glimpse of the story. Saying this I’m not impling that the movie sucks, nope, I loved the movie, it was everything a Watchmen fan could expect. I wouldn’t mind an extra hour of movie, perhaps a director’s cut will appear later on, or the DVD / BR version will be extended like they did with LOTR. The movie is beautifully made, the cast is brilliant with the exception of Ozymandias, who in my humble opinion should have been an actor with a different build and not so feminine looks, Moloch and Big Figure were a bit out of touch but those are secondary characters. Besides these exceptions everyone else is taken from the comic book, Rorschach is perfect as well as Doc. Manhattan. The CGI is very well done, and the movie has that dreamy feeling you get when reading the novel.

If you read the novel, keep in mind the movie is an adaptation, there will be lots of stuff diferent from the book, I would say that perhaps 20% of the book is not there at all, still it won’t make a diference because the soul of Watchmen it’s in the message 😉 If you don’t, please make a BIG favor to yourself, buy the book or borrow it from someone and read it before you go see the movie, that will make you enjoy the movie even better when find diferences and similarities with both.

I watched the movie on the premier and I’m thinking about going again… too bad they won’t give me another Watchmen pin as they did on the first time 🙁