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I have a terrible “addiction” concerning books. I usually buy them and only begin to read them a few months after, some times this happens with more than one book and suddenly I have a pile of books to read. Today I picked one from the pile, but not by random. Rework is a book written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, names you might recognize from here.



This is only a slight preview. So far, I read the intro and a little bit into the first chapter – The new reality – and so far I’m hooked. This book breaks all of your pre conceived notions of how a business works, specially if you live and work on a country like Portugal, where most companies, big or small, have their grounds based on business management academic theories and the other side, some shadowy-not-so-licit policies. Rework, so far, promisses to be a interesting book, even if in the end it manages to be only an exercice to make me compare our business reality to what’s happening (in some cases) out there.

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Star Wars Documentaries

I’m a Star Wars fan, angry but still a fan. I come to dislike the way that George Lucas prostitutes the saga with the low quality cartoons and lousy merchandizing… In September the six movies will come out on Bluray and I’ll probably buy them, but I stopped collecting figures and other items from Star Wars. Unfortunately, this is the way I found to keep the Star Wars saga close to my heart.

Today, I came across three fan made documentaries on youtube about the saga – Star Wars BeginsBuilding Empire and Returning to Jedi.

If you are a fan, you will definitely love them because they document the aspects that made us all fall in love with Star Wars in the first place: the story, the movies, the characters and the people behind them.