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  • The “IT Guy Kit”

    When you work on IT you’re prone to two things: being a geek and carrying a lot of gadgets. Well, I surely can’t escape my fate, and suffering from both issues (geeking with gadgetry) I have a plethora of things always ready on my “IT Guy Kit”. Here’s the list: The kit pouch itself – […]

  • Enter the Server – Part Three

    Still on the Gen 8 topic, here’s the lowdown on some questions I was asked: File Sharing – I’m using regular Windows FS in a workgroup environment. Backup – I was using a multitude of solutions for backup here at home: my PC had Backblaze backing up to the cloud, my wife’s PC had Veeam […]

  • Enter the Server – Part Two

    After I got the Gen 8, it was testing time. I knew the roles I wanted for my new server: File Sharing Backup Plex Private Cloud Download Management SFTP Server VPN Server When the hardware arrived I had to improvise a bit, since the budget I had, was not enough for the “perfect configuration”, so […]

  • Enter the Server – Part One

    I had a QNAP TS-119 unit as my home NAS for as long as six years. It worked very well until recently it began to corrupt the OS data in the HDD as well as the USB HDD connected to the unit for backup. Even with a new HDD fitted in the unit and several […]

  • My Mac Died…

    … but it’s now back from the grave. I have a Macbook Pro built in 2008. It was the last “Discrete” model made before the “Unibody” model. Although it’s a great machine, the graphics card was the cursed Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT. Basically, I hade a time bomb inside my Mac, and by Murphy’s law, […]

  • Asus EEE PC 1008 HA SeaShell

    Until a few weeks ago, the netbook market / scene was a bit of a unknown thing to me. I lacked the information mainly because I was never attracted to small notebooks and netbooks felt into that “class”. What made me change my mind? Well, my wife often mentioned she would like to have a […]

  • The Truth About Firewire in the New Macs…

  • Fon Things

    Well, I finally managed to buy a Fontenna… at least I think I did because after making the payment through PayPal, the redirect to the FON Shop failed. The Fon Shop has been really unstable with all the commotion caused by the 2รขโ€šยฌ Fontenna promotion for Foneros. What made me buy the Fontenna (besides the […]

  • La Fontenna

    Fon released La Fontenna just a few hours ago and the Fon Shop is down ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve been trying to buy one with the promo code they sent me but so far no cigar… ๐Ÿ™ [tags]Fon, La Fontenna[/tags]

  • Macbook Pro Refresh

    I guess that the Apple user community was a little let down by yesterday’s MacBook Pro update, not a big update but more like a refresh. Apple changed the CPU’s to new Intel’s new Santa Rosa model which has an FSB of 800Mhz, faster than the old C2D models, less power consumption which means more […]