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  • Enter the Server – Part Three

    Still on the Gen 8 topic, here’s the lowdown on some questions I was asked: File Sharing – I’m using regular Windows FS in a workgroup environment. Backup – I was using a multitude of solutions for backup here at home: my PC had Backblaze backing up to the cloud, my wife’s PC had Veeam […]

  • Enter the Server – Part Two

    After I got the Gen 8, it was testing time. I knew the roles I wanted for my new server: File Sharing Backup Plex Private Cloud Download Management SFTP Server VPN Server When the hardware arrived I had to improvise a bit, since the budget I had, was not enough for the “perfect configuration”, so […]

  • Enter the Server – Part One

    I had a QNAP TS-119 unit as my home NAS for as long as six years. It worked very well until recently it began to corrupt the OS data in the HDD as well as the USB HDD connected to the unit for backup. Even with a new HDD fitted in the unit and several […]

  • Security Woes

    Crackers are always on the lookout for new chances to access your accounts, either if you’re a private / regular internet user, or a multinational corporation like Sony who recently fell victim to several attacks affecting their flagship console, the PS3, and their Playstation Network. It began when their PS3 private keys, that sign all […]

  • Still on Squid integration with Active Directory

    I wrote a post a few months ago explaining briefly how to integrate a Squid proxy with a Microsoft Windows Active Directory. While with Windows XP and Vista the single sign on works flawlessly, with Windows 7 it needs a little tweak. You’ll need to change your a GPO on your AD: Computer configuration > […]

  • Integrating Squid with Active Directory

    Recently I needed to integrate a Squid Proxy server in an Active Directory environment. The main objective was to grant / deny access to the Internet by user / group validation, using single sign on. The solution might not be the most elegant, but it’s a working one. You’ll need to install the Kerberos, Samba, […]

  • Asus EEE PC 1008 HA SeaShell

    Until a few weeks ago, the netbook market / scene was a bit of a unknown thing to me. I lacked the information mainly because I was never attracted to small notebooks and netbooks felt into that “class”. What made me change my mind? Well, my wife often mentioned she would like to have a […]

  • There’s a big step…

    …between saying and actually doing it…. time will tell. [tags]Microsoft[/tags]

  • Microsoft’s new Linux Bashing Site

    As if the famous “Get the Facts” website wasn’t completely stupid and biased, MS presents us with another Linux Hate website, this time called WindowsServer/Compare. In this new site, MS mainly compares the Windows Server Platform to Linux, Unix and Mainframe environments as well as providing some case studies… it’s “Get the Facts” part 2, […]

  • Rotten Apple

    Some times old habits can’t die… the main reason they get old is probably because they are good habits in the first place. I just got home from a friends birthday dinner, we spend some time in his office because he wanted to show me his new PC running Windows Vista Ultimate. This was my […]