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  • The “IT Guy Kit”

    When you work on IT you’re prone to two things: being a geek and carrying a lot of gadgets. Well, I surely can’t escape my fate, and suffering from both issues (geeking with gadgetry) I have a plethora of things always ready on my “IT Guy Kit”. Here’s the list: The kit pouch itself – […]

  • The Blog that sleeps…

    It’s more like the blogger who sleeps… I really have to reconnect with my blog. Twitter, Facebook and G+ are taking a heavy toll on blogs. Mine is no exception. In the social networks you have almost an instant audience, it’s like you are in the middle of the street shouting you rants at strangers, […]

  • Farewell LucasArts

    It’s a sad day for us gamers in their 30’s and 40’s. Today Disney announced that it’s closing LucasArts. The famous game studio that was part of LucasFilm, and included in the package that George Lucas sold to Disney, is being closed down after 31 years. I’m 34. I grew up with LucasFilm Games (that […]

  • 1982 Blade Runner Studio Notes

      Some hilarious notes on Blade Runner. If you saw “Dangerous Days” you will understand some of them and why this movie was almost scrapped from production.

  • Big things have small beginnings

    The title of this post is one of the most significant lines of David, one of the main characters in Prometheus and it’s perhaps the best way to describe Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi movie. First, let me get just one thing out-of-the-way. Prometheus is a great movie, one of the best sci-fi movies of the […]

  • May the 4th be with you!

  • 19 Facts About Star Wars

  • The White Robe Guy

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  • A K I R A

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  • Moleskine Star Wars: The Origami Battle

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