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  • The Spice Must Flow…

    Do you love Dune? I do. It’s one of my favorite books of all time. And the movie? David Lynch’s take on the story is the best we’ll have until someone comes along and shoots another Dune movie. Still, there are guys like this one that go beyond everything and make a cut from all the released […]

  • Missing old friends

      I knew Calvin & Hobbes when they were printed in Portugal for the first time by the newspaper Público. My father bought it every day and I read religiously every strip until one day I grew out of it. My 20’s had that effect in me, I left behind some of the best things […]

  • Rework

    I have a terrible “addiction” concerning books. I usually buy them and only begin to read them a few months after, some times this happens with more than one book and suddenly I have a pile of books to read. Today I picked one from the pile, but not by random. Rework is a book […]