The Spice Must Flow…

Do you love Dune? I do. It’s one of my favorite books of all time. And the movie? David Lynch’s take on the story is the best we’ll have until someone comes along and shoots another Dune movie. Still, there are guys like this one that go beyond everything and make a cut from all the released versions of the movie. Dune: The Complete Saga is a three-hour long fan cut that you definitely must watch!

Update: Well, it looks someone didn’t like the fan cut and removed it from Vimeo 🙁 Still, this is the Internet so it will probably appear somewhere else in a few days.


Missing old friends

Calvin & Hobbes last strip


I knew Calvin & Hobbes when they were printed in Portugal for the first time by the newspaper Público. My father bought it every day and I read religiously every strip until one day I grew out of it.

My 20’s had that effect in me, I left behind some of the best things I had as a kid… Fortunately, when I entered my 30’s, I went back and started to pick up all those pieces again. Calvin and Hobbes were like two friends for me, and while it saddens me a lot, not being there in those last strips, I was glad I actually read the last when it came out.

Now, with 35, I’m reading all Calvin & Hobbes strips, not only to see what I’ve missed but also that one day, my kids can welcome the feisty 6-year-old kid and his pet tiger in their lives, as I did.

BTW, if you are a Calvin & Hobbes fan, you might want to check out this documentary, Dear Mr. Watterson. It won’t let you down.



I have a terrible “addiction” concerning books. I usually buy them and only begin to read them a few months after, some times this happens with more than one book and suddenly I have a pile of books to read. Today I picked one from the pile, but not by random. Rework is a book written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, names you might recognize from here.



This is only a slight preview. So far, I read the intro and a little bit into the first chapter – The new reality – and so far I’m hooked. This book breaks all of your pre conceived notions of how a business works, specially if you live and work on a country like Portugal, where most companies, big or small, have their grounds based on business management academic theories and the other side, some shadowy-not-so-licit policies. Rework, so far, promisses to be a interesting book, even if in the end it manages to be only an exercice to make me compare our business reality to what’s happening (in some cases) out there.