Castle Grayskull

If I could choose a single image to define my childhood, it would be this awesome painting by Rudy Obrero made for the Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull box artwork… simply amazing stuff.

One image is worth a thousand words


Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.

Leia Sleeps


Poladroid Rocks!

Fancy those old Polaroid shots?
Now you can transform your normal photos into Polaroid style photos with Poladroid.

Poladroid Snap

Poladroid is this cool software (free) for Mac where you drag and drop a photo and it gets converted to a Polaroid stype photo. Besides the results you get, what’s awesome is the fact you have to wait or shake the photo like a real Polaroid to get it “done”.

Poladroid Snap

You can even configure Poladroid to add scratches and fingerprints to the photos, getting a more realistic effect 😀

Get it and don’t forget to check be Poladroid!, the Poladroid Flickr group!

Moo Cards

moo cards

My free Moo Skype Cards finally arrived yesterday! They’re cooler than I thought and I’m definitely going to order some more 😀 The Flickr package is very nice, but I have almost no photos on my Flickr account. I’ll have to start thinking on a way to get my hands on a 400D

Thanks Moo!

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Unix Babes

After seeing this I feel a strange urge of traveling to Greece…

Oh and by the way, before you buy a ticket to Greece… it’s a fake.

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Microsoft Max – The Review

It sucks!

A one line review. There. I’m sorry Microsoft, but even with WinFX it can’t compete with Picasa / Hello. It’s too heavy on the CPU, it has almost no features / options, and it takes too long to download.

The eye candy is great, a Vista like theme and some 3D graphics, but the options are very few, only the basics and even those are reduced.

Try again!

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Microsoft Max – Picassa Reloaded

Microsoft Max

Microsoft released yesterday Microsoft Max, a photo sharing and organizer tool, much like Google’s Picasa and Hello combined. Anyway, Max is built on WinFX technology, the setup program installs it but the download is not so small and MS servers are a little bit slow right now.

I can’t install it in this pc, because I have a portuguese version of Windows XP, and the setup program doesn’t allow me to install Max, but as soon as I get home I’ll try and post some screens.

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Mobile Posting


iPod Photo Galleries

Check this cool iPod gallery, now updated with iPod Nano photos

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