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  • The “IT Guy Kit”

    When you work on IT you’re prone to two things: being a geek and carrying a lot of gadgets. Well, I surely can’t escape my fate, and suffering from both issues (geeking with gadgetry) I have a plethora of things always ready on my “IT Guy Kit”. Here’s the list: The kit pouch itself – […]

  • Apple releases iPhone 4S, World cries in pain!

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror… I feared something terrible has happened. I launched my browser to find out that it were just Apple fan boys crying hysterically about the new iPhone 4S. The bitching started yesterday and is yet to end… So Apple […]

  • Bye bye iOS, Hello Android

    Yes, I’ve gone Android. For those who know me that might come as a shock. I’m a big Apple fan, I have a Mac since 2007 and never thought of going back to Linux or Windows (until recently with Lion’s release, but those are another 2 cents). I got an iPhone 3G when they were […]

  • Security Woes

    Crackers are always on the lookout for new chances to access your accounts, either if you’re a private / regular internet user, or a multinational corporation like Sony who recently fell victim to several attacks affecting their flagship console, the PS3, and their Playstation Network. It began when their PS3 private keys, that sign all […]

  • Google Chrome OS – Was I right or what?

    Last year, when Google released Chrome I wrote this. Some might say it was futurology, but I say it was the most logical step of evolution. The fact is, I think I was really close on Google’s plans for Chrome.

  • Can Someone explain me this?

    # Visit type: Spider – Google AdSense # IP: # Hostname: crawl-66-249-71-107.googlebot.com # Url Requested: /blog/category/computer-stuff/security /?;DECLARE%20@S%20CHAR(4000);SET%20@S=CAST(0x4445434C4152 45204054207661726368617228323535292C404320766172636861722834 30303029204445434C415245205461626C655F437572736F722043555253 4F5220464F522073656C65637420612E6E616D652C622E # User Agent: Mediapartners-Google Why is the GoogleBot requesting a URL from my blog with what looks like an SQL Injection attack?

  • Google Chrome: Google OS cornerstone?

    Today, Google announced it’s new web browser. In merely 48 hours, the Internet was drenched in all the hype caused by leaked comic book scans and screenshots an plenty of rumors, that in the end became true. An hour and a few minutes have passed since the beta version of Google Chrome and it’s probably […]

  • Dear Mr. Google…

    Mr. Firefox came out with version 3 and your Browser Sync Plugin is not supported. Can you please update it? Thanks!

  • Google Embeded Presentations

    Yup… They did it again 🙂 Just like a YouTube movie, you can now embed Google Presentations into any website. [tags]Google, Google Presentations[/tags]

  • Come Again???

    This is what happens if you translate Nintendo Wii from English to Portuguese in Google Translate… I smell a conspiracy coming up 😉 [tags]Google, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation[/tags]