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  • RIP Satoru Iwata

      Rest in peace Mr. Iwata. Many thanks for all your ideas and work at Nintendo.

  • Happy 25th Birthday Mario!

    Still making us having fun after 25 years! Thank you Nintendo! Thank you Shigeru Miyamoto!

  • Gaming Rants

    I don’t write about Video Games for some time now, but the latest news from E3 kinda triggered this post. So, with no further a do, my rants 😀 Nintendo 3DS As usual, Nintendo invest more into their portables than the home consoles and this is obvious because the portable consoles have always saved Nintendo […]

  • True…

  • Happy 20th Anniversary Gameboy!

    20 years ago, in Japan, Nintendo released what it would be the world’s most famous portable console ever: the Gameboy. Today any cell phone can do 1000000 times more a GB could do at the time, but I’m yet to find a cell phone that amuses me as much as the Gameboy did. The original […]