Google Chrome OS – Was I right or what?

Last year, when Google released Chrome I wrote this.

Some might say it was futurology, but I say it was the most logical step of evolution. The fact is, I think I was really close on Google’s plans for Chrome.

Microsoft’s new Linux Bashing Site

As if the famous “Get the Facts” website wasn’t completely stupid and biased, MS presents us with another Linux Hate website, this time called WindowsServer/Compare.

In this new site, MS mainly compares the Windows Server Platform to Linux, Unix and Mainframe environments as well as providing some case studies… it’s “Get the Facts” part 2, but this time they have use Novell (their partners) as a comparing term… the “middle guy”, the “not so bad Linux” because the main target is definitely Red Hat. A site to see and read, even that is just for the laughs.

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fedora.jpgWell, Fedora 7 (no Core this time) was finally released today, I’m burning the ISO as I type this and I’m going to install it on top of my Fedora 7 Test 4 installation, to see what’s new. For those who haven’t read about Moonshine (aka Fedora 7) check some of the features here.

Meanwhile, Fedora 8 is peeking 😉

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Clean Fedora Project

The Fedora Project Website shows a new clean face, probably anticipating the release of Fedora 7 today on May 31… (BTW I’m using the test 4 version :D). Looking forward for this new release guys!

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Ubuntu / Dell

Dell released a post with more details on the recent Ubuntu support.

Not bad if I may say so… I was expecting Dell to provide a ‘fire and forget’ kind of support for Ubuntu PCs…

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Synergizing my Setup

My desktop was cluttered with a second mouse and keyboard from my old pc desktop (now running Feisty) and I really needed the desk space, so I had to figure a way to control the linux pc from my Mac. At first I thought about VNC, but it was stupid since I had a monitor hooked up to the pc, so there was no need for this (and VNC performance is l4m3). After a googling for a while, I came across Synergy. Synergy allows you to control multiple computers (running distinct OSs) with only one keyboard and mouse. This was just what I needed, the Mac is my main computer and has the keyboard and mouse to control everything (Synergy host) and the pc will be my secondary machine (Synergy client).

The setup process is really simple, on your Mac get SynergyKM which is the Synergy application packed with an excellent GUI for controlling the whole process. After installing SyngeryKM, configure it on System Preferences, the process is very clear and the most tricky part is the “Server Configuration”. Just add the screens like you have on real life and give the screens the host names for each computer you’re running Synergy on.

On the Linux PC it’s also very easy: open the terminal window and type sudo apt-get install quicksynergy this will install Synergy and QuickSynergy, a GUI to Synergy on Gnome. My goal was to get rid of the extra keyboard and mouse on my desk so, nothing more than running Synergy when Gnome “boots”, so we have to change some files:

On the terminal window:

sudo gedit /etc/gdm/Init/Default

Add this code BEFORE the “sysmodmap=/etc/X11/Xmodmap” line:

SYNERGYC=`gdmwhich synergyc`
if [ x$SYNERGYC != x ] ; then
$SYNERGYC [address of Syngery server]

Change the [address of Syngery server] by the servers IP (like

This loads the Synergy client when GDM runs and shows the login window, the problem is that when you login it kills the Syngergy client, so we need to make it run again.

On the terminal window:

sudo gedit /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default

Add the this in the middle of the file BEFORE the “XSETROOT=`gdmwhich xsetroot`” line:

SYNERGYC=`gdmwhich synergyc`
if [ x$SYNERGYC != x ] ; then
$SYNERGYC [address of Syngery server]

Save it and restart Gnome. Now the Synergy client should load at startup and connect to the server. This is really a cool solution, it works very well on a local network.

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Ubuntu Tribe

ubuntu_poster.jpg“Ubuntu Tribe the movie is inspired in the Basque free software developers community, which actually has a lot of handicaps adapting the language to the fast changes of the new technologies. But the effort of this community has made the Basque language not to be threw away, so far, from the information technologies train. In fact, the develop and use of all kind of applications is proportionally much bigger than the real Basque speaking population.

The story of the film Ubuntu Tribe happens between Redmond (USA) and the Basque Country. An high position member of a powerful computer science corporation, Billy, fixes its eyes on a young Basque hacker, Izaro, after she discovered diverse serious vulnerabilities of an operating system called Wista. Privative Software.

Captivated by the good doing of the virtuous developer, he will try to offer a contract at any price, moving to the old continent. Just arrived, he will begin prowling the young girl, who is totally reticent to enter the club of Redmond because of her convictions in favor of free software. The businessman will start bombing her with substantial economic supplies. Without trying it, he will begin to know the social environment where Izaro moves. A humble life, promoting free operating systems in schools and homes of pensioners.

The active and practically altruistic militancy of Izaro will captive Billy, who quickly falls in love with her and starts to know how the Basque speakers world of free software moves.

The stay of the person in charge of Wista is extended more of the awaited, and in the company of Redmond are worried.

Ubuntu Tribe is a semi documentary cyberomantic comedy, to the time that claiming film, rolled under some of the Dogme95 rules. The short movie, still developing, will be distributed on-line under Creative Commons license.

There will be an original version in euskara and two subtitled versions in English and Spanish.

Like we have previously said, the project is still in phase of development. And you can be active part of it. If you have an idea to offer your point of view (a short movie or other artistic disciplines) let us know at the page qualified for such effect or sending a message to info(at)ubuntutribe(dot)com. The ideal is that the works turn around the idea of the Ubuntu philosophy. The received works will be distributed under the Creative Commons license specified by the author.”

More info here.

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Yumex 1.9.0 (PR2)

Yumex 1.9.0 Pre-Release 2 is out, still I don’t touch my home pc since last Sunday… working 12 hours a day leaves me with no time for my geeky stuff 🙁

Anyway, Yumex has been writen from scratch, hope this speeds it up a little bit!

New stuff :

* Repository View.

o Select what repositories to use.
o Make and use repository profiles.
o Little padlock to show that gpgcheck is enabled for repository.
o new yumex.conf option ‘repo_exclude=’ to filter repositories shown in repo view. Default value is ‘repo_exclude=debug,source’.
Add ‘repo_exclude=’ to /etc/yumex.conf to show source and debug info repositories in repo view.

* Preferences is working again.
* Commandline options is working again. (yumex –help to list options)

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