Elive – Enlightenment 17 Live CD

Elive, the Enlightenment 17 Live CD has been released. I’m downloading it now.

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Suse Sunday – Part 2

Suse 10 RC1 is installed and this is what I noticed as new (so far):

  • Installation CD shows a penguin animation in the Boot menu while waiting for you to choose and option.
  • Grub menu still shows a photo, like the other betas did. I was expecting none since this is a RC (should be close to Gold as possible).
  • It boots faster than Suse 9.3 and it has some pre-loaders for a few apps.
  • I picked KDE as my default WM, the K Menu is well structured, most of the apps have icons and I got almost (if not all) apps from GNOME, because I installed both Gnome and KDE. A new feature has been added, a search bar in the KMenu helps you to find installed applications, it guides you showing the group names in bold that have the application you are seaching. By the way, the Gnome version is 2.12, the same version that was released last week and it brings a Novell theme named Industrial.
  • DVD Player Kaffeine worked almost out of the box, only needed to instal LibDVDCSS
  • It comes with Firefox 1.06 but not with Thunderbird.
  • It comes with APT but not with Synaptic or KSynaptic so here’s a bonus how to.
  • There’s some new options in KDE, the one I noticed faster was the Bluetooth Paired Devices option in KDE Control Panel.
  • The chameleon is everywhere!!! Wallpapers, splashscreen, you name it, it’s Suse branding 😉

I updated my system as soon as I could, so what I have now is:

Linux linux 2.6.13-9-default #1 Wed Sep 7 08:33:36 UTC 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

I also installed the 1.5 beta versions of Firefox and Thunderbird. Firefox is quite fast, no bugs that I could detect other that the ones I mentioned for the Windows version. As for Thunderbird, I couldn’t notice any changes whatsoever :S I’ll have to read the changelog to find out what they did.

Back to Suse, so far, it’s 9.3 with a few changes, some bugs have been correct, some new bugs have surficied. Beagle now works almost out of the box, and it has a new description in the menu: Desktop Search (Beagle Search). I’ll play around a little bit with it and wait for the final version to do some real work.

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Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 Beta 1

I was updating my APT in Suse 10, and it was taking some time so I payed a little visit to Mozilla when I realized that Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 Beta 1 was released. I’m downloading it for Windows as well as for Linux so expect a post latter in the day.

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Suse Sunday

Suse Logo

I’ll be installing Suse Linux 10 RC1 this afternoon, so don’t expect any posts today.

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For the Brushed Metal fans

Looks like someone out there is trying to mod iTunes 5…

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Looks like the ROKR doesn’t rock…

Macworld: News: My ROKR doesn’t rock

I still think that Apple and Nokia could have been a winning team in a project like this.

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Open Source Tux

Hey Cuz,

this one is for you (and for pfig).

Don’t be a cheapskate and buy him a Tux… in this case, make him one 😀

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NerdTV – The first Macintosh programmer…ever

This is the title of the first episode from the NerdTV weekly online TV show from PBS.org technology columnist Robert X. Cringely.

You can watch the video, download the audio in mp3, ogg and aac and read the transcript. Excellent for a podcast 😉

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Firefox 1.5 Beta 1

Firefox Logo

Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 was out a few days ago. I’m testing it in my work windows box and it has some serious problems with the Clipboard (Paste / Copy issues) and right click menu options. Other than that is quite stable, no crashes whatsoever, oh and FAST!!! The extensions stoped working as well as the themes I had installed.

I didn’t installed it in my Suse laptop (yet) but Pedro tested the Linux version and says it’s working fine.

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