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PSP Giga Pak

[tag]Sony[/tag] announced a new [tag]PSP Giga Pack[/tag] for the pre-Xmas season. Starting November, with a price tag of $299, you can buy the new Giga Pack that includes a 1GB MSDP, a USB Cable and a stand (wich was not included in the Value Pak), except for the hand strap that Sony plans to sell as a new extra (4 models are planed as well as neck straps) everything else from the Value Pack is included.

Sony is already selling in Europe official Sony memory sticks and USB cable packs sold as official [tag]PSP[/tag] accessories (FNAC has this), but soon we’ll be seeing PSP branded memory sticks, ranging from 512MB to 2 or 4GB.

Lemmings PSP

Also for PSP, [tag]Team 17[/tag] is developing a [tag]Lemmings[/tag] game, one of my all time favorites. This is looking very good but there’s still no details relating the gameplay. I hope it includes support for the analogue stick, playing Lemmings without a mouse can be a real pain.

Another great game comming for the PSP is the [tag]Harvest Moon[/tag]: Innocent Life. The Harvest Moon game series have been great in Nintendo consoles, I really hope that the gameplay remains unchanged in the PSP version.

Not related to the PSP, but still in the videogame universe, you can see here the first [tag]Silent Hill[/tag] movie pictures. If the movie is half as intense and scary as the game series we’re in for a great movie!

Games and Stuff

[tag]Nintendo[/tag] announced today a partnership with [tag]Wayport[/tag], the company that provides wireless access in [tag]McDonalds[/tag] restaurants in the US, meaning you can eat your BigMac while playing [tag]DS[/tag] games online for free. I’m really hoping that Sony can think in something like this for the PSP, though you can use your [tag]PSP[/tag] with any wireless network.

Speaking of PSP, some great games are comming up, [tag]GTA: Liberty City Stories[/tag] looks awesome and the playability hasn’t change from the original, wich is good. Can’t wait to play it!

Other game that is looking good but still in development is [tag]Field Commander[/tag], a turn based militar strategy game, much like the Nintendo [tag]Advance Wars[/tag] without the kiddy looks, more like the [tag]Command and Conquer[/tag] series.

One of my favorite movies will be available in [tag]UMD[/tag] format, [tag]The Nightmare Before Christmas[/tag]. This is probably the first UMD with real extras that I know of. Check the review here and then check this site – PSP UMD Movie Reviews. Hollywood really adopted the UMD format…

Home at last!

Well I just got home from my weekend out and it seems I’ve lots of stuff to update since friday, so I guess it will be quicker to just list things out without much detail.

And that’s it for today… My bed is calling me!

Sony rocked my day!

Spiderman 2

One of the first things I did when I got my [tag]PSP[/tag] was to register it in hoping that [tag]Sony[/tag] wasn’t full of crap and acomplished what they promised in the PSP website: a free [tag]Spiderman 2 UMD[/tag] Movie.

Well today a package was waiting for me in my mailbox, inside a very nice letter from “your friendly neighbour” (not Spidey) Sony and the Spiderman 2 UMD. FREE!
Full [tag]UMD[/tag] box instead of the plastic pouch that they distributed in the USA with some PSPs. Neat!

The movie quality blew me away once again, the colors are vibrant, and the image is fluid. I didn’t noticed the dropouts that some websites talk about. A true bliss 🙂 Sony is working hard to make the PSP a great product and to spread the UMD format inside the movie business. [tag]Warner Bros.[/tag] is launching [tag]The Matrix[/tag] in UMD and [tag]New Line Cinema[/tag] will have some titles available by December ([tag]Lord of the Rings[/tag] anyone?).

PSP Web Server

I found out that the [tag]TILT-MODE-ARMY[/tag] guys developed a [tag]web server[/tag] for the [tag]PSP[/tag] and it works!

It has some nice features like serve html, images, and files, has working headers, 404 error messages and “../” safty. They’re testing the HTTP headers at this stage of development. Quite a nice project, I wonder how long does it take until someone ports [tag]Linux[/tag] to the PSP with a full [tag]Apache[/tag] install…

Edited: Found it! 😀

PSP Nmaped

Just by mere curiosity I ran nmap to check my PSP ports and this was the result:

While browsing a site

Starting nmap 3.81 ( ) at 2005-10-09 01:47 WEST
Interesting ports on
(The 3138 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
67/tcp filtered dhcpserver
67/udp open|filtered dhcpserver
68/udp open|filtered dhcpclient
MAC Address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (Sony)

Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 6.573 seconds

I was expecting more open ports, the DHCP server must be used when playing games in AD-HOC mode.

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Symantec tags PSP Trojan

Symantec Security Response identified today the first PSP trojan (this is known since the 3rd of October). The Trojan.PSPBrick, is a Category 1 threat (Category 5 being the worst) and it renders the PSP useless (like a brick, hence the name).

The virus is downloaded like a hack/firmware that lets users run homebrew games on the PSP. When installed, it deletes some system files and breaks the PSP. This is not automatic, the user must choose to download it, meaning you’re safe if you don’t install dubious files.

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Link Mode

  • Newsforge has this article about the upcoming GIMP 2.4
  • Found this PSP content portal from Sony – PSP Connect – with some cool videos (btw Speed Racer Sucks)
  • Here is a great article on using the PSP Web Browser. Check the rest of the site, it has some cool PSP tools like the Online Virtual Keyboard

I can’t find any info on the PSP web browser (the one in firmware 2.0). I know it’s based on Mozilla 4.0 but it has some changes, if someone has info on the PSP Browser Object Support / Specifications please let me know.


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PSP Content

NYC2123 is a graphic novel for the PSP.
I only read the first issue and it feels like “Ghost In The Shell meets Trainspotting and Neuromancer”. I liked it so far, I’m downloading the rest of the issues as I post this.

Other examples of PSP content are PSP Drive a site that specializes in PSP content download and Goodie Bag TV where most of the videos are encoded in PSP compatible format.

It’s good to see more and more content being made for the PSP, let’s hope it keeps free and not like mobile phone content that is overpriced.

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Link Mode

  • Typetester – Typeface online tester
  • Upload PSP Magazine – As the name says it’s a magazine formated for PSP reading
  • Blingo – Google + Prizes
  • Sparknotes – Learn C++ with this Barnes and Noble Study Guide

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