More on Apple Music

Acording to this Playlist article, the ROKR has some serious limitations.

Bonus in the same post: Nano button combinations.

ITunes and the Brushed Metal Theme

No Brushed Metal in ITunes… SO WHAT?!??!!!

The Nano (or Yet Another Nano Post)

IPod Nano

The iPod Nano was no surprise for me. The Shuffle left a very big gap between the existing iPods at the time, people wanted the same iPod look with all the mobility of the Shuffle and now Apple made that dream came true.

It looks goods, it’s very sleek and sexy, like it’s big brother, yet it doesn’t appeal to me. Why? I’m replacing my Creative Jukebox 3 by a iPod 20GB in the next month because I broke it by accident (don’t fall asleep with your mp3 player in hands).

It would be very hard for me to replace 20Gb by 4Gb, I don’t like to be constantly changing the mp3 collection on my player, so no Nano for me.

Next month I’ll be enjoying my iPod 20Gb (and hopping not to fall asleep while listening to some tunes)… and that will be the first step to entering the Apple Universe (but that is another story).