The Years of Nostalgia

He-Man and The Masters of The Universe

I’m 31 years old. If you’re somehow like me, in your 30’s, there’s a big chance that we share some common memories of our childhood. The toys, the cartoons, the TV shows, the video games, stuff that most of us, as kids enjoyed and remember fondly to this day. Looking at today’s entertainment market it’s cool to see, that the ones that were kids on the 80’s and 90’s are now pulling the strings and resurrecting the stuff that made our dreams back then. Check this:

  • The Transformers – Huge cartoon on the 80’s as well as a huge line of toys. Now there’re two big motion pictures on the brand with a third one on the way, a cartoon series as well as two toy lines that were created for both movies and cartoon series.
  • V and Battlestar Galactica – Two of the most rememberable sci-fi TV shows from the 80’s are back with brand new shows (I know Galactica is over but it’s a good example).
  • He-Man and The Masters of The Universe – If you’re a kid back then you probably had a MOTU figure. It was that big! A new cartoon was made in 2003 along with a new toy line but it wasn’t so successful as the original. Now Mattel is creating a new line of figures just for collectors inspired in the classic line. Oh, and there’s a new movie being made!
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Another cartoon and toy line that were everywhere. The brand completes it’s 25th Anniversary this year and to celebrate they’re made a new animated movie named Turtles Forever, as well as a re-issue of the original action figures. A new cartoon was made in 2003 and a CGI movie in 2007 along with a toy line for both.
  • Fame – One of the biggest TV series back then was graced with a motion picture this year.
  • Video Games – Well, I’m not even starting a list here. Remakes from classic games are born every day. Retrogaming is really catching up among developers and it brings the opportunity to new players to play old games.

So, are we running out of ideas or are we just resurrecting our passions from the past? Are we that nostalgic or are we just trying to make old successful formulas work again?

My take is that it’s a little bit of both. What’s your’s?

7 thoughts on “The Years of Nostalgia”

  1. Hey, you’re really trying to get me depressed aren’t you! 😉
    Apart from the Ninja Turtles, I pretty much miss all the rest, including your previous post on Mario for Wii 😉

    But, not all is lost, Transformers hit mainstream movies, V has returned as a TV series (so far, so good). Let’s let Heman a little bit more in the oven… and fame… heck that pretty much everyware hehehe 😉

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  3. I’m getting old…

    In my opinion there are so many remakes because the originals gave lots of money. Now, what works in an age doesn’t have to work in the current age. The special effect are better but the history…the content…

  4. As lembranças… as lembranças! Muito mais haveria para recordar mas de facto apontaste bons exemplos. Como membro da classe de 78 estou “forçado” a lembrar-me destes clássicos.

  5. @Edu: ThunderCats was a big hit, no doubt, but I think that no one revived the series yet. Shame thou, it would make an excellent movie 😉

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