Suse 10 is OUT!!!!

Wed Oct 5 19:07:29 MEST 2005 – draht,aj

Dear visitor of this 10.0 iso directory on or a valued mirror,

You can find the iso images for the installation in this directory:

5 CDs i386 for installation from CD-R or from an ftp server with
mounted iso images. Other network transfer protocols are available,
too. Check it out!

Same content as CDs on one DVD

Same packages for x86-64 as one the DVD above

Live DVD, boot from it and enjoy SUSE Linux without actually installing

For additional software, check the openSUSE mirrors, they have a large FTP
tree together with the source RPMs. Details can be found at


Get it here, but notice that it’s too slow at the moment. Torrent files will be available soon as well as mirrors for the ISO files. Enjoy!

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