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Nostalgia. That’s what I felt when I found out that [tag]Capcom[/tag] and [tag]Namco[/tag] are releasing old games compilations for the [tag]PSP[/tag]. The [tag]Namco Museum Battle[/tag] was announced a few months ago, but Capcom announced last week the [tag]Capcom Classics Collection Remixed[/tag], a collection that comes with games like [tag]Mega Twins[/tag], [tag]Strider[/tag] and [tag]Captain Commando[/tag].

Today I read on The Magic Box that Capcom is releasing [tag]Xtreme Ghouls n’ Ghosts[/tag], a remake of the original [tag]Ghouls n’ Ghosts[/tag]. This game is part of my childwood, Ghouls n’ Ghosts was one of the first games I played in the [tag]Arcade[/tag]s, and later in my [tag]Amiga[/tag]

Those were the days of [tag]8bit[/tag] gaming, of fun, of discovering. Today, the average game is nothing more than a tech demo, coders showing new game engines, exploring the latest 3D graphics and audio… but where is the fun stuff? Don’t get me wrong, I love games, but most of them don’t have the same feeling. Odd isn’t it? But I bet i’m not the only one thinking this way…

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  1. Sometimes we just get older. 🙂 Me, I find that I have a lot of nostalgia for old stuff, but most games today are just more of the same.

    But since I’ve been a PC gamer most of my life (after the ZX Spectrum, of course), recently I’ve been discovering the wonderful world of console gaming – especially the Nintendo GameCube, which has the least “PC-like” selection of games.

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