I’m probably one of the few persons on this planet who has no clue about one of the most talked TV series of our times: Lost.
This happens because I don’t watch TV. Ok, I watch 15 min of national newscasts a day when I’m having dinner, but besides that I watch no TV at all. I read my news online, I watch my movies at the cinema or on DVD, I have no need to spend my time in front of the box.
But, going back to “Lost”, today I took a glimpse at RTP1 second season promotion of the series and the first season compact being broadcasted Tuesday. This will be a very good oportunity to check if the series is worthy of spending a few hours being a coutch potato… and buying the 1st season DVD’s 😉

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3 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. “one moer couchpotato for table 4 please!”

    keep in mind one thing: the first season compact , when you see it you might think ok now why should I see the episodes? remember:details are the key and they’re not on the compact episode 😉

    we’ve been couchpotatos for some days now, and we’re on season 2

  2. I second Ligia’s comment, even if you want to catch up with season 2 ASAP i advise you take the time to watch the whole season 1, it’s not only the details but the characters that matter. Take the time to let it grow on you. 😉

  3. You should watch it! It a great series, one of the few things still worth seeing on TV. It has a continuous plot, something hard to find in an american TV series. It has been one the few things I’ve found interesting in the last years, right next to “Stargate: SG-1” and “Angel” (yeah, I know it’s kind of lame, but I have a thing with vampire stories…).

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