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As a long time fan of super hero comics, Marvel and DC characters movies have always been on my movie watch list. In this movie genre, Marvel found the “right formula” before DC did, nevertheless DC seems to be catching up with the latest Batman movies, still, Marvel has literally setup a super hero movie making engine. This year we had Iron Man, we’ll have another Hulk (hopefully Norton will own Bana’s ass) and the Dark Knight returns for some Joker and Two Face, I mean Harvey Dent, ass kicking. As the interweb says, “It’s printing money”. But I digress…

Last night I went to see Iron Man, hoping for a good s.h. movie, some butt kicking comic style, “a la” Spiderman. How wrong I was… This movie is very very good. This movie proves that a good casting can change a super hero flick into a great movie. Iron Man doesn’t have the depth of Batman Begins but it glues you to the chair in a roller-coaster of adrenaline and intrigue. Some times you’ll laugh, other times you’ll grab the arm chair so hard you can tear it apart, but this movie will make you “fly” faster than Iron Man. This movie is two hours long and when it ends you’ll want more.

I can’t say that the star of the movie is the Iron Man armor (still, for me, the 3 of them are the most beautiful Iron Man armors ever designed), the details, effects and effort are very clear when you see the armor, but Robert Downey Jr. incarnates the Tony Stark character so well that you can’t split it from the rest. The Tony Stark / Iron Man combo is deadly in this movie, sometimes you can see some kind of Captain Jack Sparrow / Depp in there.

The backing actors really fill in the gaps and make RDJ shine. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the dedicated secretary part, in a very discrete way but with a very important role on the whole thing. It’s not a great acting but the part doesn’t demand more. Jeff Bridges plays a very important part on the movie as well, but I can’t go much deeper than this because it will spoil the movie for you.

Returning to Robert, his character’s personality transformation during the movie makes this story more convincing, still you can’t forget there are no laws of physics in super hero flicks, so when you see the Iron Man suite breaking all the laws of physics in 10 seconds don’t be surprised, actually, forget that, you’re there to see something fantastic and that’s what you’ll get even if you’re not a super hero movie buff.

As for the future of Iron Man in the movies, watch until the very end of the credits and you’ll get a glimpse of the things to come. This has become the way of Marvel giving us some tip.

The final word: approved!

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6 thoughts on “YAIMR (Yet Another Iron Man Review)”

  1. I also enjoyed Iron Man and I’m not even a superhero movie fan.

    IMO much of the credit (like 90%) goes to Robert Downey Jr and his amazing acting… He makes a predictable story line an interesting one. I really loved the first half of the movie and, then, his moments alone in the lab. I really cannot imagine such a good movie without him.

    As to Paltrow: still blah, as always. Jeff Bridges is better, but his character is badly developed by the end (for God sake, couldn’t they write a better fight scene?).

    Indeed recommended.

  2. Indeed the end fight scene could be better, but then again I think they tried not to use the “risen phoenix” formula to many times… πŸ˜‰ I guess it was more “real” and humane the way it ended.

  3. Well, I am a fan of the paper genre and was quite annoyed at the long past really shitty movie adaptations (with one exception or two).

    Ever since Spiderman and X-Men came to the big screen, though, I came to get new hopes, now there are a couple of bad exceptions (“I don’t even now the characters” Daredevil or Elektra), but it seems they were accidents.

    I must admit I had low expectations for Iron Man. I didn’t even notice the time fly and only felt wanting for more… Man, even SHIELD!

    As the OP said, there is more to come for… well you can see it for yourself here:


    But that’s still way far off. Much sooner than that we’ll be watching Robert “Tony Stark” Downey Jr. again, playing the same character in the upcoming Hulk movie (which can be checked at IMDB).

    (stop reading if if didn’t view that part)













    With Iron Man and Hulk on their way, plus “Ultimate-version” Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson hinting at The Avengers Initiative… I suspect that’s partially a reference to what happened after last year’s Civil War at MARVEL.

    This partially scares me because if it’s easier to get a good story focused on a main character, it is not so easy to do so with so many main characters. X-Men did it, but kind of lost touch in the last of the three movies.

  4. Well… my guess is that at the end of the new Hulk we’ll see a something like that hinting to the Avengers movie. The question is: who will pick for the Avengers? And will Marvel make more movies to introduce those characters to the audience? I’m crossing my fingers for a Captain America and a Thor movie! πŸ˜€

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