Server Porn

Sun has a page with ads that don’t get to be published by the major business publications such as the Wall Street Journal.
Feauturing an agressive marketing, the ads contain agressive language and references to other companies benchmarks (like Dell).
But there’s this ad (approved) that resembles the porn magazines back in the 80’s, feauturing the new Sun Fire X4100 server in some odd photos. A must! You can check the other approved ads here.

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Microsoft Max – Picassa Reloaded

Microsoft Max

Microsoft released yesterday Microsoft Max, a photo sharing and organizer tool, much like Google’s Picasa and Hello combined. Anyway, Max is built on WinFX technology, the setup program installs it but the download is not so small and MS servers are a little bit slow right now.

I can’t install it in this pc, because I have a portuguese version of Windows XP, and the setup program doesn’t allow me to install Max, but as soon as I get home I’ll try and post some screens.

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dEUS – Pocket Revolution

dEUS - Pocket Revolution

The new dEUS album is out and I’m listening to it right now. It’s more than I was expecting, their last work was pretty cool, but this new album is just what the doctor recommended (actually it wasn’t the doctor who recommended, but my good friend Rui, who hasn’t got the decency and the balls to create a blog). I loved “Nightshopping” and “Nothing Really Ends”. Anyway, it’s a good buy if you’re in to genre.

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Then and Now

Old Google Logo

Google Logo

You have to check the photos of their equipment back then… it’s a must!


Today I’m sick…

… of this world and the injustice that rules our lives.

Or maybe just because it’s Monday.

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For the Brushed Metal fans

Looks like someone out there is trying to mod iTunes 5…

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Open Source Tux

Hey Cuz,

this one is for you (and for pfig).

Don’t be a cheapskate and buy him a Tux… in this case, make him one 😀

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