Weekend Full

Well, this weekend was “different”…
Friday I forgot my two cell phones at the office and didn’t go back to get them, meaning no phone calls for me since friday night. I tought that I was going to feel a little bit “naked” but no, everything went fine. Guess I’m not depending from my mobiles as much as I tought. I’m glad I kept a Moleskine with a few phone numbers just in case, and that helped alot.

I spent the weekend at my girlfriend’s house meaning, no technology whatsoever, no blogging, no surfing… just checked my mail and that’s it, a peacfull weekend without almost any tech. I had alot of time to think about the PSP vs iPod issue… and I made my mind. The reasons I’ll explain in another post along with a small review of my new… PSP!

I dropped down on FNAC and got a PSP, Wipeout Pure and Steamboy (UMD movie). When I arrived home, I updated the PSP firmware to 2.0, charged the battery and played Wipeout. I’m speechless… I made the right choice. Now I’m going to configure it to access my SMS router and surf the net with all the confort of… my bed 😀 (after I watch Steamboy that is).

Stay tuned for the review and some photos.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Full”

  1. Grrrrr, why did you do that, now I´m intrigued, lol.I don´t know much of the features of PSP but I´m sure you did the right choice, after all PSP has much more capabilities.

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