Now I really want a MAC!!!

Russell Beattie Notebook Article: Why I Might Switch Back spiced up my will to buy a Mac. Not to “switch” from Windows to Mac, because for me that’s totally impossible due to professional reasons, but mostly to have a solid and steady platform at home. Russel’s article claimed some reasons to switch back to Windows… but “For Crying Out Loud”, are those valid reasons at all?

I’m heading for a Mac next year… if not before.

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K2 Beta One r77

K2 Beta One r77 is out!

i’m going to update my K2 and will lose all my hacks for now… until I arrive home and hack it all again.

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PSP or iPod

Concerning the iPod and the PSP , I’m having almost the same dillema that Rui is, except I’ll only buy one: a PSP or an iPod.

Let’s compare:


  • It’s very sexy
  • It plays audio
  • It show photos
  • I’m heading for the 20Gb version (don’t need more than that)
  • Can be used as a portable HD
  • Has lots of cool extra gadgets
  • Price: 355€


  • It’s very sexy
  • It plays audio
  • It show photos
  • It plays video
  • It plays games
  • WiFi ready
  • Can surf the net
  • Storage space limited to the MemoryStick size
  • Has some extra gadgets (by now, more in the future)
  • Less battery time than the iPod
  • No “killer” game available yet (at least for me)
  • Price: 250€ (plus 60€ for a game or UMD movies)

I love to play games but I lack the time to play… Music is always present in my day so I should go for the iPod, on the other side the WiFi and Video feautures of the PSP are very attractive… A very very though choice here.

Help anyone????

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Server Porn

Sun has a page with ads that don’t get to be published by the major business publications such as the Wall Street Journal.
Feauturing an agressive marketing, the ads contain agressive language and references to other companies benchmarks (like Dell).
But there’s this ad (approved) that resembles the porn magazines back in the 80’s, feauturing the new Sun Fire X4100 server in some odd photos. A must! You can check the other approved ads here.

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dEUS – Pocket Revolution

dEUS - Pocket Revolution

The new dEUS album is out and I’m listening to it right now. It’s more than I was expecting, their last work was pretty cool, but this new album is just what the doctor recommended (actually it wasn’t the doctor who recommended, but my good friend Rui, who hasn’t got the decency and the balls to create a blog). I loved “Nightshopping” and “Nothing Really Ends”. Anyway, it’s a good buy if you’re in to genre.

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Then and Now

Old Google Logo

Google Logo

You have to check the photos of their equipment back then… it’s a must!