Ubuntu – Testing Dapper Flight 5

In case no one noticed, Dapper Flight 5 was released today. For what I read about it, it seemed stable enough for me to install it, but then again “appearances can deceive”. Every time I install an Ubuntu version, something happens, not quite the 1-2-3 install that I would like it to be, but then again, this is where the fun is.

Anyway, I installed Dapper in my Linux test box, an old Compaq Proliant ML350, with dual Pentium 3 at 800 Mhz. If you computer is as old as mine is you’re in for a surprise. The install (or any other of the images in the cd) doesn’t boot. An error message is shown:

[4294669.209000] ..MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC

And then it freezes. My guess was that the freezing happened because of some bug in the Kernel. In Hoary the same message was shown at boot time but no freezing occurred. I then added the “noapic nolapic” parameters at boot time and it booted / installed perfectly. After the install you’ll have to add the “noapic nolapic” parameters in /boot/grub/menu.lst or it will freeze again.

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  1. I owe you one giant beer my friend.

    Thank you very much. I was trying to install on an old dual PIII and install would not boot. All is good now.

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