1. Organize 100 GB of stuff cluttering my HD
  2. Delete e-junk in order to raise some space
  3. Backup my entire data
  4. Delete Windows XP Partition
  5. Re-Partition HDs
  6. Install Windows XP, install drivers, run Windows Update, install antivirus and firewall, install Firefox
  7. Don’t touch Windows ’till Xmas
  8. Install Ubuntu
  9. Install Automatix
  10. Install XGL and Compiz
  11. Configure Evolution
  12. Tweak Gnome
  13. Enjoy

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1 thought on “Disciplining”

  1. I also have something similar to do; repartitioning [the laptop] is already done (too bad GParted is very limited in what regards moving partitions), next comes:

    1. dumping stuff from the desktop (summing up to 10GB) and the external disk (about 20GB) to folders in the laptop,
    2. organize all that stuff (the 20GB from the external disk are the easist, I think — it’s basically MP3’s which are already organized by albums),
    3. repartition the external disk to bear a whole 40GB partition,
    4. backup the whole (already organized) information to the external disk (which will permanently serve that purpose), and
    5. upgrade the desktop to Ubuntu Dapper (it still has Breezy).

    O, the life!… -_-

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