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Well, I finally managed to buy a Fontenna… at least I think I did because after making the payment through PayPal, the redirect to the FON Shop failed. The Fon Shop has been really unstable with all the commotion caused by the 2€ Fontenna promotion for Foneros.

What made me buy the Fontenna (besides the great price of course) was the change Fon did on the community rules. Before this change you could get paid for the use of your Fon Spot if you were a Bill but you had to pay as well if you wanted to use other Fon Spots, now you can get paid and connect for free on any Fon Spot. Fon will be launching WifiAds, these will allow anyone to use free wifi after viewing an ad and the Foneros will get 5 cents per ad shown. I think that Fon is now on the right track 🙂

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  1. How did you get a 2€ Fontenna promotion ?

    It’d be very interested, though.

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