I have a terrible “addiction” concerning books. I usually buy them and only begin to read them a few months after, some times this happens with more than one book and suddenly I have a pile of books to read. Today I picked one from the pile, but not by random. Rework is a book written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, names you might recognize from here.



This is only a slight preview. So far, I read the intro and a little bit into the first chapter – The new reality – and so far I’m hooked. This book breaks all of your pre conceived notions of how a business works, specially if you live and work on a country like Portugal, where most companies, big or small, have their grounds based on business management academic theories and the other side, some shadowy-not-so-licit policies. Rework, so far, promisses to be a interesting book, even if in the end it manages to be only an exercice to make me compare our business reality to what’s happening (in some cases) out there.

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