PSP Web Server

I found out that the [tag]TILT-MODE-ARMY[/tag] guys developed a [tag]web server[/tag] for the [tag]PSP[/tag] and it works!

It has some nice features like serve html, images, and files, has working headers, 404 error messages and “../” safty. They’re testing the HTTP headers at this stage of development. Quite a nice project, I wonder how long does it take until someone ports [tag]Linux[/tag] to the PSP with a full [tag]Apache[/tag] install…

Edited: Found it! 😀

Suse 10 Tip

I downloaded Suse 10 yesterday, installed on my Asus laptop (that got kidnapped a few hours later by my girlfriend) and everything worked fine. I’m going to install it (again) later today on a Compaq Proliant ML 350 I have just to test Linux distribs (old machine but still kicks ass).

Everyone seems to be downloading Suse 10 and the mirrors are getting crowded, so if you live in Portugal (like me) you might want to check out this server. I got a pretty good speed from it (downloaded the 5 ISOs in 2 hours).


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Suse 10 is OUT!!!!

Wed Oct 5 19:07:29 MEST 2005 – draht,aj

Dear visitor of this 10.0 iso directory on or a valued mirror,

You can find the iso images for the installation in this directory:

5 CDs i386 for installation from CD-R or from an ftp server with
mounted iso images. Other network transfer protocols are available,
too. Check it out!

Same content as CDs on one DVD

Same packages for x86-64 as one the DVD above

Live DVD, boot from it and enjoy SUSE Linux without actually installing

For additional software, check the openSUSE mirrors, they have a large FTP
tree together with the source RPMs. Details can be found at


Get it here, but notice that it’s too slow at the moment. Torrent files will be available soon as well as mirrors for the ISO files. Enjoy!

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Link Mode

  • Newsforge has this article about the upcoming GIMP 2.4
  • Found this PSP content portal from Sony – PSP Connect – with some cool videos (btw Speed Racer Sucks)
  • Here is a great article on using the PSP Web Browser. Check the rest of the site, it has some cool PSP tools like the Online Virtual Keyboard

I can’t find any info on the PSP web browser (the one in firmware 2.0). I know it’s based on Mozilla 4.0 but it has some changes, if someone has info on the PSP Browser Object Support / Specifications please let me know.


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I’ve been very busy since Sunday, I’ll try to post more regullarly in the next days.
For now, check out these “quick links”.

  • Mozilla posted the roadmap for Lighting, the unification of Thunderbird (mail client) with Sunbird (calendar application).
  • Today is Google’s 7th birthday – Happy B’day Google!!
  • Knoppix 4.0.2 DVD is out.
  • I found this article (looks like Marissa Mayer is becoming Google’s face) about Google that has some interesting trivia – “Did you know that the prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML?
  • Still on Google, looks like they’re planning a hell of a party! What’s going on in there? Rumors talk about big secrets being revealed in Google’s October 25-27 conference… I can’t wait to see what’s comming!
  • In Opera’s Website you can read “2.4 million downloads and counting…”. Look’s like the tide is changing for Firefox…

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One liners

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Opera is now FREE

Opera Free

Opera has gone free today. No ads, no banners, no money.

Watch out Firefox, Opera is a great browser (if not the best is some people’s opinion), with tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, audio commands and an included mail client and rss reader. Opera might kick some ass now that is free. Ah and there’s a Linux and a mobile version.

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One Liners

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