In my teenage years we had Scooter, the guys had a few cool tracks that made into the dance tops, but today I came across Skuter.

What can we call this? Neo-Folk-Techno or like we like to say in portugese, martelinhos pimba?

Be afraid, be very afraid…

Tip: Turn off the sound 20 seconds after the video starts and enjoy the view 😉


Get SongbirdThe last time I tried Songbird was when it first was made available 😛 At first it didn’t impressed me, heck, the sound didn’t even worked on Windows… The impression it gave me was that Songbird was a beefed-up extension for Firefox, kinda like Flock but with some multimedia gizmos. And so it was long left forgotten in my “don’t even bother to look again” list of software.

I don’t know what got in me today to install the Songbird Developer Preview 0.2 on my Ubuntu. Download, untar, run, that’s it. Songbird looked for my audio collection and identified my albums perfectly and fast. One or two clicks later and it was playing a few Enigma tracks. Cool! This time it even plays music 😉

But I’m being bad… Songbird has matured very much since the first version, and it’s very nice to have a cool and good looking media player with good features and that doesn’t suck like the majority that comes bundled with most of the distributions out there… still I rather have something like Amarok for Gnome.

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Regina Spektor


Lately, this lady has been filling my musical needs… her latest album is very very good. A breath of fresh air…

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Dear LazyNet…

I need an app to put all my mp3 in an RSS Feed and make them available on a webserver. Two or three clicks maximum 😛

This way I can stream all my mp3 to my PSP locally 😀

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dEUS – Pocket Revolution

dEUS - Pocket Revolution

The new dEUS album is out and I’m listening to it right now. It’s more than I was expecting, their last work was pretty cool, but this new album is just what the doctor recommended (actually it wasn’t the doctor who recommended, but my good friend Rui, who hasn’t got the decency and the balls to create a blog). I loved “Nightshopping” and “Nothing Really Ends”. Anyway, it’s a good buy if you’re in to genre.

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