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Speaking about Linux, In my daily basis I’ve been blessed to work with Window$ at full time. Sometimes I have to retrieve and edit information from several text files and logs in order to troubleshoot problems that occurr. Not having a single Linux box in our network (except the proxy), I was in need to find utilities like tail, grep and other gnu/linux utils that worked in win32. I could install Cygwin, but I rather have something native instead of an emulated environment, so I installed UnxUtils – native Win32 ports of the GNU utilities I was looking for. It works like a charm!

Other app that I call essential is UltraEdit 32. Although it’s paid software, UltraEdit has great feautures.

Skipping to another topic: Reading.

I would like to share with you two excelent pieces of tech literature. One is a free book on Asterisk provided by OReilly , the other is a tutorial on Subnets.

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4 thoughts on “Dump”

  1. Another place for choosing a Linux distro:

    Another good editor for Win32:
    It supports Unix and Mac text files, Unicode and syntax hilightning for just every programming language out there (although you’ll have to download from the web site). It also allows FTP from the program,web browsing (IE!!!) and you can configure compile commands.

    Nice idea, the win32 ports of the GNU tools, I just keeping typing ‘ls’ everytime I use the Windows command prompt 🙂 Some time ago, I had some batch files for ‘ls’, ‘cp’, ‘clear’, ‘rm’, but I’m just too lazy these days… I’ll try these for a change.

  2. Cygwin is not an emulated environment – the only thing it emulates is the filesystem and some basic userland doodads it needs. Typical libc and OS calls are implemented in a way that allows you to recompile standard UNIX sources, but everything is a true, native Win32 binary.

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