Microsoft Monad

I found out today via Rui that Microsoft launched a beta version of the Monad or Microsoft Shell. This comes in handy since I’ve been on a quest for a decent shell / unix utilis for Windows. For what I’ve seen the MSH includes lots of commands / utils found in *nix and more. The MSH is close connected with the .NET framework, allowing advanced scripting and close integration with COM and the OS. This can be quite usefull but at the same time quiet dangerours. Nevertheless, it’s a big step for Microsoft to include an application so… “Unix”. 😛

You can also check these webcasts on the MSH

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  1. Does anyone else think Monad sounds like Gonad? I know that monads are some advanced programming concept from Haskell, but I don’t think that’s the first thing that will come to most people’s minds. :-). In fact, I recall seeing that Microsoft changed the name of this a little while back to something more innocuous.

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