1. Organize 100 GB of stuff cluttering my HD
  2. Delete e-junk in order to raise some space
  3. Backup my entire data
  4. Delete Windows XP Partition
  5. Re-Partition HDs
  6. Install Windows XP, install drivers, run Windows Update, install antivirus and firewall, install Firefox
  7. Don’t touch Windows ’till Xmas
  8. Install Ubuntu
  9. Install Automatix
  10. Install XGL and Compiz
  11. Configure Evolution
  12. Tweak Gnome
  13. Enjoy

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Still on Origami

Microsoft Channel 9 has this nice interview of Otto Berkes the architect (now general manager) behind the Ultra-Mobile PC / Origami Project, where some adicional info on the project is revealed.

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Microsoft Unfolds Origami

Microsoft Website has been updated with new info on the Origami Project.

Origami is not a single device but an architecture (UMPC) that brands like Asus and Samsung will use to build compliant devices. The Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) uses the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS and besides the standard features implied in the architecture the devices will have other features (like camaras) depending on the device maker.

The standard device specification:

  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS
  • Approximately 7” diagonal display (or smaller)
  • Minimum 800 x 480 resolution
  • Approximately 2 pounds
  • Integrated touch panel
  • WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled

The Origami devices will feature full Windows software support, multimedia and connectivity capabilities. I couldn’t find no info on the storage capabilities of the devices, not even on the Intel UMPC site.

Microsoft’s is giving another run on their Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, still it might be better than the Windows Mobile OS that’s being used on smartphones… Anyway, the project is looking good, now let’s wait for the prices.

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Microsoft Origami Revealed

I just have a question: Why there’s no camera included?

(If you’re reading this post in Planeta Asterisco, you won’t be able to see the video embeded)

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Catching up on Sunday

Well, after being 2 days far from tech world, I see I have to catch up on some news.
So far being worth of further reading for the next days:

  • Google’s take on online payments. Google might was well be PayPal’s next competition in the near future.
  • Microsoft’s Origami Project is buzzing the net, but all the hype is just about a few photos of what looks like a portable media player device / tablet pocket pc.
  • The 28th is approaching, and the Mac hype is growing more each day, but here’s something that might cool off the rumors.

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The Right Time to Buy a Mac

I’m a Windows / Linux user. I use x86 PCs since I was 9 years old and my experience with a Mac is almost null. I’ve spent a few hours fiddling with a friend’s iBook, but that’s it, I possess no product built by Apple. I almost bought an iPod, but the PSP was a better choice for what I was looking for. But let’s go back to the main subject: Mac computers.

I was having a nice geek chat with a good friend of mine, with a similar background in what concerns computer experience, and I told him about Macbooks and Mac computers in general and how they could change the market in the near future. He asked me joking “Why a Mac? Macs are for designers and metrosexuals!” I told him about all the advantages of MacOSX over Windows, that Mac OSX it’s based on FreeBSD, yada yada yada, the full works. “Then if it’s so good why don’t you switch to Mac? Ouch! $2000?!” he said, while looking at the Apple Store website. “You can get a powerful laptop for $1000 / $1500 and run all the apps you are used to run on your PC. Plus games!”

But the price is only one of the many turnoffs when you’re thinking about buying a Mac, or any other Apple product for what it matters.

With the newly arrived Macbooks, the prices of the old Macs are dropping but still not near the prices of Intel / AMD laptops. And as for the Macbooks, there’s a pretty good inconsistency concerning the specs. In Portugal, Fnac is announcing they will be selling Macbooks at 1.67 Ghz and 1.83 Ghz costing 2.176€ and 2.711€. If you go to the Apple Store website you get 1.83Ghz and 2Ghz Macbooks for $1.999 and $2.499.

ThinkSecret reports:

Apple announced Tuesday that the first shipments of the MacBook Pro will ship this week and quietly updated the speed of the laptop before the first systems had even arrived in customer hands. The low-end 1.67GHz Core Duo model has been replaced with a 1.83GHz system for the price of $1,999, while the higher end $2,499 model now packs a 2.0GHz Core Duo processor, up from 1.83GHz.

Additionally, a $300 build-to-order option on the high-end system boosts the processor speed to 2.16GHz.

And these are only 15 inch models, how about when the 17 inch models are announced? This isn’t good for users who are thinking about upgrading their Macs, much more for users who are thinking about switching to Mac. Apple only bets in its, lets call it, legion of fans, and since the “Switch” campaign there’s no interest from Apple to lure the PC user to the “dark side”.

Nowadays, Apple is working like Nintendo, releasing each year a new substitution product for the one you have, turning its commercial value almost null and this is happening with computers as well with the iPods. Rumor has it that a new video iPod with a bigger screen and sensible to touch will be available soon, the true Video iPod. I can almost imagine Steve Jobs holding it on his hands and saying “This is the true video iPod! Forget all the other iPods, this one has (insert new features here)!” And the 400€ you spent on your video iPod suddenly seem like the worst spent money in your entire life.

But still, I want a Mac. Why? Because I believe that soon something will change about Windows. People are buying more and more consoles, PC gaming will be dead in the next years if the GPUs prices don’t drop. People won’t continue to spend 500€ in a GPU just to play the latest Doom or Quake iteration, after spending 1000€ or more in a PC when they can buy a console for 300€ or less. Strip a windows PC from the ability to play decent games and the Mac wins, fair and square. Vista won’t change this. Vista’s new features are mostly ripped off from the Mac OSX and other available software and I don’t believe that Microsoft can make a product without security flaws or without being intrusive on my privacy.

So, it’s this the right time to buy a Mac? No. I but still want one.

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Microsoft Monad

I found out today via Rui that Microsoft launched a beta version of the Monad or Microsoft Shell. This comes in handy since I’ve been on a quest for a decent shell / unix utilis for Windows. For what I’ve seen the MSH includes lots of commands / utils found in *nix and more. The MSH is close connected with the .NET framework, allowing advanced scripting and close integration with COM and the OS. This can be quite usefull but at the same time quiet dangerours. Nevertheless, it’s a big step for Microsoft to include an application so… “Unix”. 😛

You can also check these webcasts on the MSH

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Microsoft response to iTunes: Urge

Looks like Bill is after another market share. This time he’s after a big piece of the pie that belongs to Apple.
Urge will feature MTV content for media centers and portable media players but NOT for iPod.

But not directly related to this topic but also in the same article, this is my favorite part:

Microsoft indicated that later this year, it will start selling external HD-DVD drives, which will enable users to watch high definition DVDs via their Xbox machines and also allow greater interactivity. At the outset, the new drive will be only for movies and does not include games.

Great! You spend 400� in a console that only reads DVDs and then you buy the HD-DVD drive for how much?? And no games will be supported! Way to go Microsoft.

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Dunno wich Linux distrib is the best for you? Check the Linux Distribution Chooser.

Speaking about Linux, In my daily basis I’ve been blessed to work with Window$ at full time. Sometimes I have to retrieve and edit information from several text files and logs in order to troubleshoot problems that occurr. Not having a single Linux box in our network (except the proxy), I was in need to find utilities like tail, grep and other gnu/linux utils that worked in win32. I could install Cygwin, but I rather have something native instead of an emulated environment, so I installed UnxUtils – native Win32 ports of the GNU utilities I was looking for. It works like a charm!

Other app that I call essential is UltraEdit 32. Although it’s paid software, UltraEdit has great feautures.

Skipping to another topic: Reading.

I would like to share with you two excelent pieces of tech literature. One is a free book on Asterisk provided by OReilly , the other is a tutorial on Subnets.

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